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Requesting funding for your project

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Sciences Po offers three types of funding to support the development of student-led projects, all reserved for recognised student associations and selected student initiatives.

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Student association Fund (FIA)

The Student association fund (FIA) can enable recognised student associations and selected student initiatives to benefit from grants of up to 500 euros (art. 28-II – Student Life regulations).

These grants aim to facilitate the following: communication for events held at Sciences Po; inter-campus events and activities; for events that require a first-aid station, obligations in terms of the security of persons and property; insurance obligations; or the payment of licence fees to the copyright-holders of film screenings, audiovisual or theatrical events.

For larger-scale projects and events, funding applications may be made to the Student Life Commission (see below).

Applications can be made throughout the year by submitting a completed grant application file (Word file in French, 53 Ko) to your campus contact, including all relevant paperwork and receipts.

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Student life commission grants (CVE)

Recognised student associations or selected student initiatives proposing projects in the fields of culture, research, sport, the environment, solidarity, health, civic engagement and the fight against discrimination, may request a grant from the Campus Life & Student Engagement department. Applications will be examined by the Student Life Commission (CVE) and approved by the Student Life & Education Committee (CVEF).

Partisan or religious projects are not eligible. Grants awarded may not be used to finance the day-to-day operations of a student association.

How to obtain a grant application file

Project leaders should request an application file from Baptiste Vivien, providing a summary of the project and indicating the amount of funding requested.

Completed application files should be returned before the deadline for each Student Life Commission (CVE) as indicated below.

A meeting with the project leader will then be arranged, in order to assess the quality of the application, review the budget and, where necessary, provide advice on specific points.

Please note

  • Only recognised student associations or selected student initiatives are eligible to apply for this funding;
  • A projected balanced budget must be included (total income equal to total expenditure);
  • Funds awarded can only partially cover the global budget of the project submitted;
  • Any communication linked to the project must indicate that financial support has been received from Sciences Po;
  • An activity report and a financial review must be provided within 6 months of the project’s completion;
  • Should the project not be completed, the association undertakes to reimburse the sums received, proportional to the degree of completion.

Provisional calendar 2022/2023

The Student Life Commission (examination of submissions) and the Student Life and Education Committee (decisions) are due to meet on the following dates.

Application deadlineStudent Life CommissionStudent Life and Education Committee
21 August 202229 August 202212 September 2022
5 September 202219 September 20223 October 2022
10 October 202224 October 20227 November 2022
7 November 202221 November 20225 December 2022
12 December 20222 January 202316 January 2023
9 January 202323 January 20236 February 2023
6 February 202320 February 20236 March 2023
6 March 202320 March 20233 April 2023
11 April 202324 April 202315 May 2023
9 May 202322 May 20235 June 2023
5 June 202319 June 20233 July 2023
Section #permanent-associations

Funding for permanent student associations

Permanent student associations receive half-yearly grants, the amount of which is fixed in annual agreements signed in accordance with article 12-I of the Student life regulations.

However, they may also benefit, on an exceptional basis, from additional funding, solely to enable them to meet their obligations as set out in article 17 of the Student life regulations, with regard to prevention, and security of persons and property.

These funding requests should be sent to Baptiste Vivien, in conjunction with the compulsory declaration of off-campus festive events (more information on the Student events page), using the FIA grant application form.

Section #report

Financial support and project report

In all cases, once a grant has been allocated, student association recipients should:

  • indicate “With the financial support of Sciences Po’s Student association fund” or “With the financial support of the Student Life Commission of Sciences Po on the communication material designed to promote the project receiving the grant. A specially-designed visual is available from the Campus Life & Student Engagement department (DVCE) or the student life coordinators on each campus.
  • provide a review of their activity and a financial report within 6 months of completion of the project.


Student Life contacts

Sébastien Thubert
Director of Student Life

Baptiste Vivien
Student Engagement Manager

Paris campus

Marion de Peretti
In charge of student associations

Regional campuses

Student life regulations

The Student Life Regulations (PDF, 357 Ko), adopted by the Student Life & Education Committee (Conseil de la vie étudiante et de la formation), set down a frame of reference and determine how Sciences Po students may exercise their political, cultural, community and student union activities.

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