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Sports activities

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Each semester, students at Sciences Po have the opportunity to sign up for one or more sports activities, organised by Sciences Po, the Sports Clubs (Associations sportives) or external partners, depending on the campus.

Currently we have on offer some 200 activities in over 40 sporting disciplines. At Sciences Po, students also have the possibility to participate in a number of sporting competitions organised with the French Federation of University Sports (FFSU) or with other universities, such as the Inter-IEP games (FR) or the Collégiades (FR). To find out more about these events, don’t hesitate to contact the Sports Club on your campus.

And for those among you who would like to learn some relaxation techniques or adopt some good lifestyle habits, take the time to listen to your body and experience sport as a source of pleasure and wellbeing: “Sport-santé” workshops are held from time to time during the semester.

Section #dijon

Dijon campus

Dijon offers high-quality sporting infrastructures (FR): several swimming pools, including an Olympic pool (FR) with a diving centre, a range of stadiums and gymnasiums, a skating rink and an artificial lake featuring watersports.

For more details, write to: info.dijon@sciencespo.fr.

Section #le-havre

Le Havre campus

Popular with its 11 000 students, the city of Le Havre enjoys a prominent sporting lifestyle (FR). A whole range of activities are on offer through Sciences Po, in association with the Sports Club of the Le Havre Campus.

For more details, write to: info.euro-asie@sciencespo.fr.

Section #menton

Menton campus

Starting-point for hill-walking and hiking, Menton also offers students the opportunity to try a range of nautical activities and outdoor sports.

For more details, write to: info.mom@sciencespo.fr.

Section #nancy

Nancy campus

With over 47 000 students and some 240 sports clubs and associations, a wide variety of sporting activities, from basketball and football, to horse-riding and swimming, can be enjoyed in Nancy.

For more details, write to: info.nancy@sciencespo.fr.

Section #paris

Paris campus

Sports available

Each semester, students at Sciences Po have the opportunity to take up one or more sports activities. A perfect way to try something new, pursue a preferred sport, improve your skills or simply keep in shape.

Duration: between 10 hrs and 20 hrs per semester depending on the chosen sport.

Each of these optional leisure or “sport-santé” activities can earn 1 ECTS credit to a maximum of 2 credits per semester, subject to attendance (no more than 2 absences).

  • Water sports: aquagym, rowing and swimming
  • Team sports: basketball, football, futsal, handball, rugby and volleyball
  • Combat sports: boxing, thai boxing, martial arts (jiu-jitsu, judo, MMA, Krav maga), fencing and wrestling
  • Dance: solo (ballet, contemporary), in pairs (latin, ballroom, rock, salsa Cuban and Puerto Rican, tango (accessible activity))
  • Outdoor sports: running (middle-distance and sprint), climbing
  • Racket sports: badminton, squash, tennis and table tennis

Focusing on breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation and peace of mind, as well as improving posture and strengthening muscles, these activities aim to help you in the pursuit of calm and the renewal of self-confidence, while managing stress and easing everyday ailments.

Duration: between 10 hrs and 20 hrs per semester depending on the chosen sport.

Each of these optional leisure or “sport-santé” activities can earn 1 ECTS credit to a maximum of 2 credits per semester, subject to attendance (no more than 2 absences).

Sport-Santé and wellbeing: pilates, sophrology, sport-santé, stretching, fitness, tai-chi-chuan, yoga and zumba

Perhaps you have been playing a sport for a number of years now and would love to defend the colours of Sciences Po out on the field.

If so, the competition sessions of the French University Sports Federation (FFSU) are held on Thursday afternoon or early evening (depending on the sport), from November through to April (final rounds). Keep these times free to participate in tournaments, championships and other inter-university encounters.

Participation in competition sports is subject to a selection procedure at the beginning of the year. Get in touch with the Sports Club.

Duration: between 20 hrs and 40 hrs of training per semester depending on the discipline.

Active participation in university or federation competitions proposed by the Sciences Po Sports Club can earn 2 ECTS credits per semester.

Competition training sessions: basketball, cheerleading, running (middle-distance and sprint), dance (Art'Core), football, handball, judo, swimming, volleyball and rugby.

How to register

Leisure sports registration is held at the beginning of each semester via your student interface. Participation fees are to be paid at the same time as registration.

To join the competition teams, contact the Sports Club (Association sportive) on the Paris campus. And remember to keep your Thursday afternoons free in order to participate in the different encounters.

For more details, contact: sportsetculture@sciencespo.fr.

Mandatory medical certificate

You need to upload a medical certificate (PDF in French, 660 Ko) of fitness for your chosen sports via your student interface, as soon as possible after the semester begins.

The certificate is valid for 3 years for all non-competition sports. So you can upload it at the beginning of each semester, as long as the sport you are taking is indicated.

A free medical service is available to students, by appointment only at the Service de Santé Étudiante.

You can also make an appointment at the Centre de santé du Square de la Mutualité, or you can visit a general practitioner of your choice to obtain your certificate.

Please note:

  • the doctors at Sciences Po’s health centre are unable to issue medical certificates.
  • any student who has not provided their valid medical certificate by the 3rd session may be prevented from continuing their chosen sport.

Competition sports licences issued by the French Federation of University Sports (FFSU) should be collected directly from the Sports Club premises (next to the cafeteria at 27 rue Saint-Guillaume). You will need to present a medical certificate less than a year old (PDF, 607 Ko), indicating the relevant sport and “competition level”.

Section #poitiers

Poitiers campus

The city of Poitiers boasts a variety of sports installations: gymnasiums, swimming pools, pitches, a skating rink, a horse-riding centre, tennis courts, golf, bowling or boules, dojos, climbing walls, etc.

For more details, write to: iberoamerica@sciencespo.fr.

Section #reims

Reims campus

Reims is a major university hub with 23 000 students, featuring numerous sports and cultural venues, allowing students to make the most of an agreeable and privileged setting.

For more details, write to: info.reims@sciencespo.fr.

Contact the culture, sports and student wellbeing manager

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