Sports activities on the Paris campus

Each semester, students at Sciences Po have the opportunity to enrol in one or more optional sports classes. These courses are organised by the Department of Campus Life & Student Engagement in partnership with the Sports Club (Association Sportive, in French).

Currently we are able to offer a range of some 160 courses in over 45 different sporting activities. A number of sports competitions are organised along with the French Federation of University Sports (FFSU) or with other schools and universities, such as the Crit' or the Collegiades. For more information about these events, don’t hesitate to contact the Sports Club (AS).

You can check out the website of the Regional University Sports Committee (in French) too, for information on the different competitions and tournaments.

Course registration

At the beginning of each semester, sports registration takes place online  via your student account. For any queries, or if you have difficulty registering online (ECTS credit limit exceeded, time conflict with another class, alumni, students on gap year or internship, etc.), you can register in person with theDepartment of Campus Life & Student Engagement, at the place and times indicated in the Newsletter sent to you at the beginning of each semester.

Thanks to the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC), annual subscription costs are no longer payable to the Sports Club. So from academic year 2019/2020 onwards, you will only need to pay the cost of each class as indicated in the schedule. For each activity, the price corresponds to the whole semester.

How to pay for your classes

To pay for your classes, you can either:

  • use the electronic payment system available on your student interface during the dates and times specified in the Newsletter sent to you at the beginning of the semester.
  • pay by bank card or cheque on registration days.

For practical reasons, we recommend that you avoid paying in cash.

Please note: any booking which has not been paid for by the close of online registration will be automatically cancelled and the places put back in play. In order to re-register, you should then go in person to the registration venue on the specified days and times.

Medical certificate

To participate in sports classes, you are required to obtain a medical certificate of fitness for your chosen sport(s), as soon as possible after the beginning of the semester. Once obtained, you can upload your certificate via your Student account. Since 1st July 2017, this certificate is valid for 3 years, except for competition sports. You can simply upload it again at the beginning of each semester, as long as the specific sport is mentioned.

For competitions, a certificate dating from less than a year is required.

A free medical service available to students, by appointment only, can be found at:

SIUMPPS, Université Paris Descartes
45, rue des Saints-Pères
Paris, 6th arrondissement
1st floor, Room T145

You can also make an appointment with any general practitioner to obtain your certificate.

Please note: Students who have not provided a current medical certificate by the third session will not be permitted to continue to attend their sports classes.

Competition licences can be obtained through the Sports Club (AS), upon presentation of a medical certificate dating from less than a year and indicating the appropriate sport.

Course regulations

Enrolment in sports and arts classes will give you a maximum of 2 ECTS credits, regardless of the number of courses you choose to do. At the end of the semester, these courses are marked as pass or fail solely on the basis of attendance: in other words, to validate your course and obtain your 2 credits, you are required to attend a minimum of 10 out of the 12 sessions. The applicable regulations are those stipulated in article 5 of the Academic Rules and Regulations (PDF, 140 Ko).

Any absence due to exams or IELTS language tests can be excused, upon presentation of an explanatory letter from your academic office, addressed to the Culture, Sports & Student wellbeing Manager.

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