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Studying at the Undergraduate College

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) programme at the Undergraduate College comprises six semesters: four semesters of full-time study and two semesters abroad, either studying, on an internship or a combination of both.

First two years on campus

The first four semesters of the BA programme are completed on one of seven Sciences Po campuses: Dijon, Le Havre, Menton, Nancy, Paris, Poitiers or Reims. Students remain attached to their assigned campus until they graduate from the College.

Between the first and second years, undergraduate students must complete an internship of at least one month’s duration. They are required to write an internship report, which must be submitted on time and receive a pass mark, to be awarded credit for the internship.

In second year, students choose one of three majors: Economies and Societies, Political Humanities, or Politics and Government.

Third year abroad

The year abroad takes the form of either two semesters at one of Sciences Po's partner universities, or one semester each of study and a full-time internship.

The third year abroad culminates in a final dissertation (known as the "Grand écrit"). Students must submit their dissertation by the deadline set by the Office of Academic Affairs and achieve a pass mark to be awarded the necessary credit to complete the third year.

Choosing a Master at Sciences Po

During third year, students are asked to choose a Master's programme. The process takes place in March through the online student portal.

A series of events are held each year on the Paris campus and the regional campuses to present the seven graduate schools and the full range of programmes.

Award of the Bachelor's Degree

To be awarded the Sciences Po Bachelor of Arts degree, students must:

  • have been registered at the Undergraduate College for at least six semesters;
  • have fulfilled all the academic requirements for each of the three years.

Progression to Master's level

  • Only students who have been awarded their Bachelor of Arts degree are admitted to a Master's programme.
  • Once students have their BA degree, they can request a gap year. Their request must be appropriately justified and approved by the Undergraduate College administration. The gap year cannot be repeated.
  • No student may progress to a Master's programme without having fulfilled the academic requirements for each year of Undergraduate College.

A Seven-campus network

Campus du Havre (crédits : Martin Argyroglo / Sciences Po)

Writing and Rhetoric Centre


Sciences Po’s Writing and Rhetoric Centre help students develop and enrich their written and oral expression in order to improve their skills in public speaking.

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