Cultural activities on the Paris campus

You have the opportunity to enrol in one or more of the optional cultural activities organised in association with the Arts Club ("Bureau des Arts").

Each semester, some twenty activities in a variety of fields including theatre, creative writing, film and music, as well as photography and other visual arts, are available to you as forms of expression, to reveal hidden talents or simply to spark your curiosity. These classes are held in French and/or English depending on the subject and the teacher. For further information about these activities, please check out the online catalogue or contact the Arts Club.

Cultural activities

Cultural activities, Spring semester 2020-2021

Course registration

Each semester, registration for cultural activities takes place directly with the Campus Life & Student engagement department and the Arts Club, at the place and times indicated in the Newsletter sent at the beginning of the semester to to your Science Po e-mail address.

Thanks to the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC), annual subscription costs are no longer payable to the Arts Club. So from the academic year 2019/2020 onwards, you only need to pay the cost of each class as indicated in the schedule. The amount shown is for the whole semester.

Course regulations

Enrolment in the Arts Club's cultural activities can give you a maximum of 2 ECTS credits, regardless of the number of courses you choose to do. At the end of the semester, these courses are marked as solely on the basis of attendance: in other words, to validate your course and obtain your 2 credits, you are required to attend a minimum of 10 out of the 12 sessions. Regulations apply as set out in article 5 of the Academic Rules & Regulations.

No more than two credits can be earned for arts and sports classes combined. Should you choose to do both, you will be asked to indicate which activity (sport or culture) you wish to credit at the end of the semester.

Any absence due to exams or IELTS language tests can be excused, upon presentation of a letter from your academic office, addressed to the Sports & Cultural activities coordinator at the Campus Life & Student engagement department.

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