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Partner offers


Offer reserved to Sciences Po students (FR).

BNP Paris agency in Saint-Germain-des-Prés:

 For more information: Discover the BNP Paribas offer (PDF, 800 Ko)

  • Your visa card for 0.08 € per month and for 6 years;
  • Gift of 80 € when you open a deposit account;
  • Gift of 100 € in e-commerce vouchers when you open a saving account.

Discover the offer reserved to Sciences Po Students (PDF, 660 Ko)

  • Visa gold card : it’s free during 4 years
  • The insurrance of card : it’s 1€ the first year
  • The driver’s license loan : it’s 1€ per day
  • Student loan : 1,69% of interest up to €3,000 and 2,01% up to €75,000 
  • International offers : €2 per month for travel or 5€ per month for international transfers.

To welcome you as new customers, we have created a series of special offers to help you bring your plans to life!

  • 80 € offered at the opening of your first banking account
  • Pack Sobrio:  1€ per year during 2 years (visa card, insurance, free online access to your account)

Discover the offer reserved to Sciences Po Students (PDF in French, 588 Ko)

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Good deals for students in the Île-de-France Region

Labaz, an App for 15-25 year-olds in the Île-de-france Region

The Île-de-France region invites all 15-25 year-olds to download the LABAZ app. Free of charge and designed for young people, LABAZ offers help and good deals at your fingertips.

Visit the Île-de-France region's web page for more information.