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Partner offers


BNP Paribas

Offer reserved to Sciences Po students (FR).

BNP Paris agency in Saint-Germain-des-Prés:

 For more information: Discover the BNP Paribas offer (PDF, 800 Ko)


Caisse d'Épargne

  • Your visa card for 0.08 € per month and for 6 years;
  • Gift of 80 € when you open a deposit account;
  • Gift of 100 € in e-commerce vouchers when you open a saving account.

Discover the offer reserved to Sciences Po Students (PDF, 660 Ko)



  • Visa gold card : it’s 1€ per year during 4 years
  • The insurrance of card : it’s 1€ the first year
  • The driver’s license loan : it’s 1€ per day
  • 1000 € loan : it’s 0% of interest during 1 year
  • Student loan : 0,80% of interest
  • International offers for travel or international transfers : 5€ per month

Société générale

To welcome you as new customers, we have created a series of special offers to help you bring your plans to life!

  • 80 € offered at the opening of your first banking account
  • Pack Sobrio:  1€ per year during 2 years (visa card, insurance, free online access to your account)

Discover the offer reserved to Sciences Po Students (PDF in French, 588 Ko)


Info Presse Education offers each Sciences Po student special offers of print media subscriptions to provide them with knowledge and expertise targeted to their university curriculum. A very complete catalogue of more than 1000 titles (Time, Alter Eco, Questions Internationales, Cahier Français, Le 1...), payment in 3 installments, free of charge, up to 87% off, each course its own magazine. The written press offers you what you are not looking for.

Artificial intelligence algorithms offer you only what you expect. The written press, especially the paper version, facilitates in-depth learning as shown by cognitive studies and favours disconnection.

Find out more and subscribe.