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Scholarships and financial aid for European students

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CROUS bursaries (based on household income)

European students who have studied in France for at least one year are eligible to apply for the CROUS needs-based bursary by completing a Student Social File (Dossier Social Etudiant)(fr.) on the CROUS website as of March 1st 2024. Students are required to apply every year and must complete their application before 31 May.

For more information about Crous needs based bursaries.

Section #sciencespo-europe

Sciences Po Europe bursary

Sciences Po has established a very ambitious social aid policy in favour of European students for their first year of study in France. European students who fulfill the eligibility requirements, will be able to apply for the Sciences Po Europe bursary.

Students from an EU member state country, a European Economic Area (EEA) member country and Switzerland are eligible to apply for the Sciences Po Europe bursary.

You will also need to meet other eligibility requirements in relation to age and income. Criteria used to award the Sciences Po Europe bursary are similar to those used by the Crous established every year by the Ministry (FR).

Please ensure that you check your Crous eligibility by calculating your Crous level on the Crous website (FR) before applying to the Sciences Po Europe bursary and that you prepare your documents according to your situation including :

  • Tax notice showing all income for both parents or for the tax household to which you are attached for 2022. Read the Methodology for Tax residence in the European Economic Area (EEA) (PDF, 126 Ko);
  • Proof of enrollment for any brothers and sisters enrolled in higher education for the 2024/2025 academic year;
  • An administrative document (family booklet, birth certificate for example) indicating the number of children in your household;
  • Proof of a change of situation.

If you are eligible and depending on your parents' gross income and family expense points (points de charge), you will be awarded a level (level 0bis to 7).

You will thus benefit from :

  • a tuition fee waiver bursary;
  • a cost of living bursary (disbursed in 10 monthly instalments from September to June).

Sciences Po Europe bursary is only awarded during the first year of study in France. For the second year of study, you may apply for the Crous bursary directly on the CROUS website.

Important information: Students are not authorised to cumulate the Sciences Po Europe bursary with any other bursary, grant or scholarship and in particular a bursary, grant or scholarship awarded by a foreign government.

Once you receive your offer of admission, you must accept the offer on your student space in order to retrieve your Sciences Po email account and complete the form. You may submit your application for the Sciences Po Europe bursary as of 18 March 2024. The deadline for applications is May 13th, 2024.

The online application form will be open again from June 12th to July 3rd 2024 exclusively for students accepted to Sciences Po and having accepted the training offer after May 13th, 2024.

To apply, you will need to:

  • Complete and submit the online application form by logging in with your Sciences Po email address (firstname.lastname@sciencespo.fr) and including all requested supporting documents.
    Please ensure that your supporting documents are clearly legible, translated into French or English, and in pdf, png, jpeg format and ˂ 5 Mo in size.
    If your application is incomplete, you will receive a single reminder. Incomplete applications or applications received after the deadline will not be processed.
  • Complete your administrative registration according to Sciences Po’s administrative registration calendar. When completing your administrative registration, ensure that you declare yourself as a bursary student « I declare a scholarship or a specific situation and calculate my tuition fees », at step 2:
    • If you have already received the certificate confirming your Sciences Po Europe bursary by email, you will need to upload it at step 5 of your administrative registration;
    • If you have not yet received the certificate confirming your Sciences Po Europe bursary by email, you will need to request additional time at step 5 of your administrative registration;
    • If your bursary application is unsuccessful, you will receive notice of the rejection and will need to upload this document in order to finalise your administrative registration. Sciences Po will then carry out a calculation of your tuition fees. 
  • Add your full bank details (RIB) in your Sciences Po student space («administrative services, housing and financial aid », « registration file and certificates », «to enter your bank account details - optional»)

Your application should be processed within a few weeks after submission, provided it is complete and includes all translations in French or English.

Section #without-crous-bursary

Financial aid for students without a Crous Bursary

Students without a CROUS bursary whose tuition fees amount to €0 after calculation for the 2024-2025 academic year receive an annual financial aid of €400.

This aid is disbursed as a lump sum as of September 2024 onwards provided that the student’s administrative registration is finalised. It is only disbursed for years or semesters (50% of the amount) during which courses are attended at Sciences Po or during compulsory internship periods and is conditioned to attendance.

Section #other-scholarships

Other Scholarships for European Students

Aulagnon-Bettan PrizeFirst year students at Sciences Po
Bourses Talents (formerly known as "Diversity in the Civil Service bursary (ALDIV)")Students registered at Sciences Po in competitive exam preparation for the French civil service. Students from an EU or EEA member country or Swiss nationals are eligible to apply for this bursary
Campus France (Grant Search Engine)Students who intend to study at Sciences Po at the undergraduate studies or Masters level
DAAD Merit ScholarshipGerman students who wish to spend their Master studies at Sciences Po
ECB Scholarship for WomenThe ECB Scholarship for Women is an initiative supporting female scholars from low-income backgrounds in pursuing a Master’s degree in the field of economics, statistics, computing and engineering.
Fondation de France (scholarships guidebook)Students who intend to study at the undergraduate studies or Masters level
French Government Scholarships (AEFE)International students from French High Schools located outside of France 
Fundings from Sciences Po's School of ResearchSciences Po's PhD students
France Excellence DescartesDutch students wishing to pursue a Master's degree in France in one of the following fields: Law, economics, social sciences and humanities, international business, management, political science, French language and literature, history, art history.
Institut National du Service Public (INSP) BursaryStudents registered at Sciences Po in the preparatory course for the Institut National du Service Public (INSP)
One-Year Master's Programme ScholarshipsA select number of outstanding students

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