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Renewing your residence permit

Section #how-to-renew

How and when do I renew my student residence permit?

Your renewal request must be made from your computer, tablet or smartphone 24/7, imperatively between 2 to 4 months before the expiry date of your residence permit (after this period, a renewal request filed after the deadline can be accepted up to 6 months after the validity date but a fee will be applied (PDF in French, 52 Ko)) if you fall into one of the below categories:

  • holder of a student VLS TS or VLT TS mobility visa
  • Algerian national holding a VLS TS student visa
  • other reason but wishing to obtain a student residence permit
  • holder of a student residence permit

For other situations (eg: long-term EU resident card, holder of a visa-concours, APS, etc.), an appointment will be necessary.

  • You will have access to the status of your application through an online portal.
  • You will be informed by SMS of an appointment inviting you to come and collect your definitive residence permit (PDF, 80 ko) at the Prefecture of your place of residence.
  • The Student services department remains available to support and advise you in your procedures.

Useful information

  • Your French residence permit allows you to travel outside of the Schengen area for a duration on 90 days.
  • A receipt « recepisse » for a first application does not allow you to travel outside of France.
  • If your residence permit has expired and you are abroad, you will need to apply for a new student visa to re-enter France.
  • To travel outside of the Schengen area, please contact the Consulate of the country of destination.
  • You can renew your récépissé, change your address or request a duplicate (FR) of your residence permit in the event of loss or theft.
  • British nationals must have a French residence permit by 1st October 2021 October to be able to reside in France. If this applies to you, submit your application online.
Section #documents

Which documents are required?

You will need to provide all documents relating to your personal information, your adress, your current academic and financial situation in electronic format (Pdf, Jpeg, png).

Personal information

  • Your resident permit, according to your situation:
    • Visa page + visa validation confrimation;
    • Resident permit card;
    • Récépissé (temporary resident permit).
  • The bio-data page in your Passport.
  • Your e-photos  (https://stores.photomaton.fr/fr).
  • Proof of Health Insurance, according to your situation:
    • Evidence of registration through the French social security system (CPAM);
    • Evidence of Ppivate insurance.
  • Your birth cerificate.

Your current address

  • Proof of address in your name dated less than 6 months, according to your situation:
    • Utilities bill (electricity, gas, water, landline telephone bill, TV and internet, utililities contrat document (payment schedules are not accepted), home insurance certificate);
    • Rent receipt through an estate agency;
    • Rental contract dating less than 6 months;
    • Accommodation tax (taxe d’habitation).
  • If you are accommodated by someone:
    • Recent accommodation certificate dated/signed by your host (PDF, 30 Ko) - Accommodation certificate (PDF in French, 30 Ko)
    • Recent accommodation model document;
    • Proof of your host’s identity : passport, national ID card or resident permit;
    • Proof of the person’s address dated less than 6 months.
  • If you live in student accommodation: Accommodation certificate (signed and dated less than 6 months).

Proof of your studies

  • Enrolment certificate or provisional enrolment certificate for the current academic year, according to your situation: enrollment certificate for the current year or provisionnal enrollment certificate for the forthcomeing academic year.
  • If « programme mobilité » student: proof of your studies within the European Union.
  • Grade transcripts (one page for every past semester of study) and if necessary.
  • Your most recent degree certificate.
  • Your certificate of achievement issued by your academic advisor if your transcript does not show your success and if necessary:
    • Letter confirming reorganisation of academic programme;
    • Third year abroad confirmation;
    • Internship certificate + internship evaluation form if applicable including a translation in French;
    • Integrated placement year: employment contract + provisional work authorisation;
    • Proof of attendance.

Financial Resources

The threshold level is €615/month.

  • You finance your studies by yourself, according to your situation:
    • Last 3 bank account statements (with amounts converted into Euros if necessary);
    • Bank certificates demonstrating a sufficient credit balance;
    • Pay slips if you are currently in employment.
  • A third party finances your studies:
    • Recent evidence of sponsorship - Model document (PDF in french, 31 ko);
    • Passport of the person financing your studies  or national ID card or resident permit;
    • Bank certificates demonstrating regular bank transfers.
  • You are the holder of a scholarship: Scholarship certificate.

our advice

  • Renew your residence permit before the expiry date to avoid additional costs;
  • Make sure to upload the requested document to the corresponding section in the tele-service platform, adding a French translation if necessary;
  • Make your e-photos in a photo booth or at a professional;
  • Requests for documents (certificate, diploma, transcripts, etc.) can be made online using this form. Otherwise, you will need to contact your educational secretary;
  • Check the validity of your passport, which must go beyond three months after the end of your studies in France;
  • Remain in France during the processing of residence permit renewal application.
Section #working-france

Working in France

A student residence permit allows you to work a maximum of 964 hours per year in France (approximately 20 hours / week). It is sometimes possible to request an exemption from the Regional Directorate for Businesses, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment (DIRECCTE). An auto entrepreneur status is not compatible with a student visa.

Section #graduation

After your graduation

With your degree certificate or proof of achievement and according to your situation, you will be able to apply one of the following residence permits as listed below by making an appointment:

Once in employment, you will be able to modify your status.

Section #loss

If you lose your passport or residence permit

If your passport or residence permit is lost or stolen, you should report to the nearest police station as soon as possible to make a declaration. Next you must apply for a new passport at your embassy. Following these steps, you can request a duplicate of your residence permit (FR).

Section #visa

Re-entry Visa

The re-entry visa is issued on an exceptional basis, mainly in the following circumstances:

  • a student has lost their residence permit abroad
  • a student has started the renewal procedure before their departure but has left France without having collected his or her new residence permit
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Apply for a Visa and Residence permit


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