Teaching at Sciences Po

About 4,500 people teach at Sciences Po each year. Together, our permanent faculty and adjunct faculty from diverse backgrounds—other higher education institutions, business, banks, law firms, the French or European civil service, international and non-governmental organisations, and more—put our educational approach into practice, passing on their knowledge, enriching students’ skills and abilities and helping them develop their intellectual courage, critical thinking and sense of responsibility.

Faculty, the backbone of our educational approach

All faculty and the 4,800 courses taught on Sciences Po’s seven campuses are listed each year in the Syllabus.

Courses cover a vast range of fields and employ an equally vast range of teaching formats. The academic framework in which our faculty teach is cross-disciplinary, research-led, internationally engaged and open to pedagogical innovation. Approximately 1,300 faculty members deliver courses in English, not including language courses; 45% of all courses are taught in English.


Preparing your courses

Objectives and content

The academic advisor sets the course objectives in line with the programme the course belongs to. As an instructor, you propose content and a teaching format, which can then be reworked jointly to ensure the programme objectives, other courses, any peculiarities, student profiles, etc. are taken into account.

Instructors can take advantage of teaching support and the Library’s resources.

Course syllabus

You need to complete the course syllabus template and send it to your programme secretary at least one month before student registration begins. This presentation will be published on the Internet and visible to the public. It’s designed to give students an idea of the course content and format before they have to choose their courses during course registration.

The syllabus will also be included in the “grand syllabus” which lists all courses and instructors for the academic year.


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