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Research at Sciences Po

Sciences Po is an institution of higher education and research in the humanities and social sciences.  Its work in law, economics, history, political science and sociology is pursued through ten research units and several crosscutting programmes.

Its research community includes over two hundred twenty members and three hundred fifty PhD candidates.  Recognized internationally, their work covers a wide range of topics including education, democracies, urban development, globalization and public health.  

One of Sciences Po’s key objectives is to make a significant contribution to methodological, epistemological and theoretical advances in the humanities and social sciences.  Sciences Po’s mission is also to share the results of its research with the international research community, students, and more broadly, society as a whole. 

Assessed by QS since 2007, Sciences Po is among the highest ranked nationally: 1st in Political Science and Sociology, 2nd in Law, 3rd in history and 4th in Economics. Internationally, Sciences Po improved its performance in Political Science and International Relations, moving up 3 places to become the 13th on this discipline and maintained its position in Sociology (36th).

Le monde a besoin d'esprits libres

Cogito 3

Are metropolises governable?

This third issue of Cogito opens with a feature on the fundamental challenges that metropolises are facing around the world with regard to the environment, housing, diversity, security, new technologies, etc. Be they are chronic or recent these issues are at the heart of changing power relations. They are explored in many innovative analyses by Sciences Po researchers that are presented here.   This issue also delves into the latest publications and research projects, and introduces promising recent PhD graduates.