Healthcare coverage

The “Student success and orientation” (Orientation et réussite des étudiants) law was definitively passed on 8th March 2018 and it involves the simplification of the social protection system of the 1.8 million students concerned. It officially puts an end to the special student social security system.

Since September 1st 2018, students registering at a third level establishment for the first time are no longer changing to an obligatory health insurance system for the reimbursement of their healthcare costs: they remain affiliated to their current social protection system, which is in general that of their parents, regardless of which system it is (general, agricultural, etc.).

Students who were registered for the 2018-2019 academic year with the student social security system (LMDE or SMEREP) will automatically join the general system (CPAM) in September 2019. The student system will cease to exist as of September 2019.

Membership of a top-up insurance scheme (mutuelle) remains optional. Before signing up to a top-up health insurance scheme, check that you are not still covered by your parent’s top-up insurance or that your own insurance is not automatically renewed for the next academic year.

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