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Access to Sciences Po sites reestablished

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Covering Conflict: Beware Fake News But Fear Faux Frames & False Narratives

La République et ses territoires

Le médecin hospitalier de 1958 à 2018

Reconciling Human with Human Rights

Vanessa Topp is German but grew up in the United States. She studies Human Rights and Humanitarian Action at PSIA, the Paris School of International Affairs. Alongside her Master's, she volunteers her time and engages in aiding refugees in Paris. This summer, she plans to volunteer in a refugee camp in Greece.

Cheers to 10 years of SPIT

This past month, SPIT, the Sciences Po International Tasting competition celebrated its 10th anniversary. A blind wine and champagne tasting competition organized by Sciences Po’s oenology association, In Vino Veritas, gathers each year twelve student teams from French and International universities at Maison Bollinger. 

Lifting the barriers to women entrepreneurship

Whether setting up a new business, negotiating a pay rise or taking on more responsibility in the workplace, women can be supported in reaching leadership positions. Sciences Po's new Women in Business Chair aims to improve understanding of the obstacles women face and spearhead action to remove them. Interview with Anne Boring, researcher in charge of the Chair. Anne’s work focuses on the analysis of gender inequalities in the professional world.