"Students are dreamers and they should be dreamers"

Former Ministers Thomas de Maizière and Bernard Cazeneuve on the fight against terrorism

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Pakistan votes : in the shadow of the army and the judiciary

Médecine générale et CHU

How has the Internet Changed our Lives ?

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A new master's in luxury marketing

Starting in September 2019, the School of Management and Innovation is launching a new Master’s degree in marketing entitled “New Luxury & Art de Vivre.” Taught entirely in English, the aim of this new programme is to train high-level marketing managers to specifically master luxury and French art de vivre, with a refined understanding of the sector thanks to a strong background in the social sciences and a clear strategic vision of the new trends in that sector - digitalization and a drive towards social responsibility and sustainability issues.

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CORE: A different way to study economics

In recent years, students and teachers alike have come to realize that there is an insufficient culture and knowledge of economics in our society. The study of economics and the reality of how our world operates differ enormously. This realization led to the creation of CORE, a new course and manual developed by professors of economics from around the world, including Yann Algan at Sciences Po. The goal of this course: to show that economic tools, often considered too abstract and theoretical, can help solve real-world problems and crises.

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Why choose Sciences Po?

Felix is an exchange student from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Nearing the end of his year abroad, he answered a few questions regarding why he chose Sciences Po. Felix hopes to return to Sciences Po to pursue a Master's in journalism. Find out what he calls the "richesse" or wealth of Sciences Po in this video. 

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Believing and making others believe. Political uses of faith

One would think that the era of beliefs has passed in our societies, which are steeped in secularism and weary of ideologies. Such is not the case. Under new forms and through new avenues, believing and making others believe remain vibrant. This phenomenon is described and explained in the collective work “Croire et faire croire. Usages politiques de la croyance [Believing and making others believe.…