Claude Érignac Prize

The Claude Érignac Association was created following the assassination of Prefect Claude Érignac in February 1998, as a tribute to his memory and to the values which guided his actions. The Association, in partnership with Sciences Po, organises the Claude Érignac Prize, awarded each year to students who demonstrate an exemplary commitment to public life, through academic, professional or community-based projects.

The Claude Érignac Prize, which carries a value of 5,000 euros, will be awarded to a student who shows a dedication to republican and humanistic values such as a strong sense of the common good, concern for the plight of others, respect for diversity and a commitment to equal opportunities and success for all.

It recognises initiatives of a variety of different types, for example, among others: a mobility grant for a project carried out during a year out from study; funds for a survey conducted within the framework of a research programme appertaining to public administration; or help to set up a study or project as part of a comparative approach, on a national or international scale.

Projects must necessarily involve the contribution of a French public institution or figure. Close attention will be given to projects carried out during a gap year from studies, as well as projects enabling capacity building of the public entity in question, particularly those with an international standing. The project may be run by a group of students but must be led by one student, to whom the prize may be awarded.

Conditions of application

  • To be registered in a Master's programme at Sciences Po (M1 or M2, gap year included) in the academic year corresponding to the application.

Documents to be provided

  • a covering letter
  • a detailed description of the project including a provisional timetable and a financial estimation
  • an abstract of your project (10 lines maximum)
  • your CV
  • and any other relevant document you wish to include.

Deadline for submitting applications: 26th November 2018 at 12.30 pm

  • You should deliver 5 printed copies of your application to the Student Life department (Direction de la vie étudiante), office 005 on the ground floor of 56 rue des Saints-Pères, or send them by post to: Direction de la vie étudiante - Sciences Po - 27 rue Saint-Guillaume - 75337 Paris.
  • You should also send a version in pdf format by e-mail to Julie Barnes

Selection procedures

A pre-selection committee will meet in December 2018 to draw up a short list. It will pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • Involvement in civic society, serving the values upheld by the Association;
  • Nature and scope of the presented project;
  • Importance of the link with French public institutions or figures.

The short-listed candidates will be interviewed by a jury composed of members of the Claude Érignac Association and management representatives from Sciences Po, in January 2019. The Prize will be awarded at the beginning of February 2019.

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