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Please note

The following information only concerns students admitted in Bachelor or Master programmes (excluding specific programmes under agreements and One -Year Master programmes)

How to calculate?

The tuition fees charged depend on the parents’ tax residence rather than on student's nationality.

Students whose parents’ tax residence is not in the EEA (European Economic Area: all EU countries + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) must pay fees of €6,550 (for students enrolled in/or before 2008), €10,540 (Undergraduate) or €14,500 (Master) per year.

Students whose parents’ tax residence is in the EEA (i.e. all EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) will pay fees according to a sliding scale:

  • from €0 to €10,540/year (undergraduate)
  • from €0 to €14,500/ year (Master)
  • from €540 to €6,550/year regardless of their level, undergraduate degree or master's degree (students who registered at Sciences Po in 2008-2009 or earlier)

Depending on total declared income and the size of the household.

Depending on the size of his family, the student is entitled to a certain number of "parts", the result of which is to reduce the tuition fees. In a family, the mother and the father count for one "part" each. Children of the household, count for half a part each. Thus a married couple with three children will be entitled to 3,5 parts.

Estimate your tuition fees

In order to obtain an estimation of your tuition fees for the 2019-2020 academic year, please choose the option that corresponds to your situation.

What documents must be provided?

Students shall provide one or more of the following documents translated into French:

  1. The 2017 tax assessment of both parents, translated into French.
  2. An attestation from employers indicating gross annual income in 2017 and the last three pay slips (with a French translation). You must specify the number of siblings living at home.
  3. An attestation indicating all family's earned income (i.e : Income from immovable property and tangible movable property, incomereceived abroad, etc.).
  4. In the case of a divorce, common law marriage or civil partnership, specific calculation rules can be applied based on the situation of the household(s) on which the student depends. The Registration office will inform you of the details of this calculation.

Good to know

  • You will be asked to provide a copy of the 2017 tax assessment on registration online.
  • The photocopy must include all the pages of the tax assessment.
  • A household consists of the parent.s and the dependent child/children. Unless the student qualifies for financial independance, the student's own tax return will be required and taken into account where applicable for the calculation of tuition fees along with the parents' tax return.
  • Random checks may be done to verify the authenticity of the uploaded documents. Any violation can be referred to the legal department.
  • You will be asked to provide an attestation of income received abroad, where required.
  • As part of the administrative registration, additional documents may be necessary depending on the situation. Without substantiating documentation, tuition fees of €10,540 (Bachelor) / €14,500 (Master) / €6,550 (for students enrolled in or before 2008) will be applied
  • Please note that no supporting document is required of students paying tuition fees of €10,540 (Bachelor) / €14,500 (Master) / €6,550 (for students enrolled in or before 2008).

Recipients of scholarships granted by the CROUS on social criteria do not pay tuition fees (on presentation of their conditional bursary notification). There is no need to make a specific request for exemption.

Read carefully the methodologies below, that detail for each country the documents to be provided and the method of calculating:

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