Sciences Po does not have its own student residence so you need to find your own accommodation.

To give yourself the best possible chance of finding the room or apartment of your dreams, make sure you arrive in your campus’ city a few days (or a few weeks, for Paris) before the semester starts. That way you’ll be able to visit several places and get a better idea of what’s available on the market.

We have prepared some advice sheets to make the process easier. Please read them before you start looking:

Depending on your situation (income, type of housing, etc.), you may be entitled to housing benefits.

Crous student housing

Social housing agencies

You can only submit an application to a social housing agency if you receive CROUS financial aid and are registered on the social housing waiting list with the Paris City Council (request the numéro départemental from the council of your arrondissement if you live in Paris, or 6 rue Agrippa d’Aubigné, 75004 Paris, metro Sully Morland if you live in another département). This process can take several months if you can’t go to the office in person.

Apartments, shared housing

There plenty of websites that allow you to search for all types of apartments: studios, shared apartments, rooms in private households, etc.

Student residences and hostels

Student residence halls are independent from Sciences Po. All student residences in France are run either by a governmental agency or private businesses and are open to all students, whatever their university.

Student residences are made up of furnished apartments, (mainly studios), and offer a range of services: laundry, gym, general supervision, etc.

Hostels offer furnished individual or shared rooms. They are often for women only. Reservations must be made very early in the year.
Sciences Po can inform you about the residences available and help you decide what might suit you best. However, both before you arrive in France and once you are here, you should contact the residences themselves if you have questions about applying for rooms, how the rooms are assigned, etc. as they are the best placed to give you detailed answers.

Whatever your campus, you can visit the adele and location-etudiant (fr.) websites for listings of available accommodation in student residences throughout France.