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  • Carlo Barone (OSC)Carlo Barone (OSC)

contact : carlo.barone(at)
Tèl : +33 (0)1 49 54 37 55 - bureau 307

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Carlo Barone est membre du
LIEPP où il co-dirige l'axe de recherches « Politiques éducatives ».

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Thèmes de recherche - Research Interests

- Social inequalities in education: the role of family background, gender and ethnicity.
- Labor market returns to education and the role of education for social mobility in dynamic and comparative perspective
- Experiments in educational research, educational policies and policy impact evaluation
- The validation of educational and occupational classifications for comparative social stratification research

Dernières publications - Latest Publication

• 2020 (with Giulia Assirelli), "Gender segregation in higher education: an empirical test and seven explanations", Higher Education, vol. 79, n° 1, p. 55-78, first online 3 september 2019. Springer link
• 2020 (with Raffaele Guetto), "Education and Social Fluidity in Contemporary Italy: An Analysis of Cohort Trends", In: Richard Breen and Walter Müller (ed.), Education and Intergenerational Social Mobility in Europe and the United States, Standford University Press, p. 196-223. 
• 2019 (with Katherin Barg and Mathieu Ichou), "Relative risk aversion models: How plausible are their assumptions?", OSC Papers, n° 2019-3, December 2019, 22 p.
• 2019 (with Estelle Herbaut, Mathieu Ichou, Louis-André Vallet), “Tracking and Sorting in the French Educational System”, DIAL Working Papers, n° 13, 31 p.
• 2019 (with Emilia Chambouleyron, Reka Vonnak and Giulia Assirelli), "Shared Book Reading Interventions and Children's Skills", LIEPP Working Paper, n° 98, December, 29 p.
• 2019, "Cambiare, a piccoli passi, l’università italiana. Per salvarla", Quaderni di Sociologia, n° 79, p. 159-164.
• 2019 (avec Denis Fougère & Clément Pin), « La lecture partagée : un levier pour réduire les inégalités scolaires ? L’évaluation par expérimentation aléatoire d’un dispositif dans des écoles maternelles », LIEPP Policy Brief, n° 44, septembre, 6p. 
• 2019 (with Denis Fougère & Clément Pin), "Social origins, shared book reading and language skills in early childhood: evidence from an information experiment", Discussion Paper Series, n° 14006, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), September, 40 p.
• 2019, "Towards an Education-based Meritocracy?: Why Modernisation and Social Reproduction theories cannot explain trends in educational inequalities: outline of an alternative explanation", ISA eSymposium, vol. 9, n° 1, march.
• 2018 (with Moris Triventi and Giulia Assirelli), "Explaining Social Inequalities in Access to University: A Test of Rational Choice Mechanisms in Italy", European Sociological Review, vol. 34, n° 5, p. 554-569. Oxford Academic link
• 2018 (with Giulia Assirelli and Ettore Recchi), “'You Better Move On'. Determinants and Labor Market Outcomes of Graduate Migration from Italy”, International Migration Review, First Published 5 April. SAGE Journals link
• 2018 (with Antonio Schizzerotto, Giulia Assirelli & Giovanni Abbiati), "Nudging gender desegregation: a field experiment on the causal effect of information barriers on gender inequalities in higher education", European Societies, First Published 4 march. Taylor & Francis Online
• 2018 (with Lucia Ruggera), Educational equalization stalled? Trends in inequality of educational opportunity between 1930 and 1980 across 26 European nations, European Societies, vol. 20, n° 1, p. 1-25. Taylor & Francis Online
• 2017 (with Giovanni Abbiati, Gianluca Argentin and Antonio Schizzerotto), "Information barriers and social stratification in higher education: evidence from a field experiment", The British Journal of Sociology, First published, 29 november. Wiley journal portal
• 2017 (with Giulia Assirelli, Giovanni Abbiati, Gianluca Argentin, Deborah De Luca), "Social origins, relative risk aversion and track choice", Acta Sociologica, First Published October 8. SAGE Journals link
• 2017 (with Gianluca Argentin and Gianna Barbieri), "Origini sociali, consiglio orientativo e iscrizione al liceo: un'analisi basata sui dati dell'Anagrafe Studenti", Politiche Sociali, n° 1/2017, p. 53-74. Rivisteweb link
• 2017, « École et mobilité sociale : un rapport ambigu », Diversité, n° 187, p. 70-75.
• 2017 (with Lucia Ruggera), "Educational equalization stalled? Trends in inequality of educational opportunity between 1930 and 1980 across 26 European nations", European Societies, early view, 7 march. Taylor & Francis Online
• 2017 (with Lucia Ruggera), "Social closure, micro-class immobility and the intergenerational reproduction of the upper class: a comparative study", British Journal of Sociology, early view 9 february 2017. Wiley Online Library
• 2017 (with Antonio Schizzerotto, Giovanni Abbiati and Gianluca Argentin), "Information Barriers, Social Inequality, and Plans for Higher Education: Evidence from a Field Experiment", European Sociological Review, vol. 33, n° 1, p. 84-96. Oxford Academic link
• 2017 (with Antonio Schizzerotto, Giovanni Maria Abbiati and Giulia Assirelli), "Gender, information barriers and fields of study choice: a field experiment", LIEPP Working Paper, n° 63, janvier.
• 2016 (with Giovanni Abbiati), "Is university education worth the investment? The expectations of upper secondary school seniors and the role of family background", Rationality and Society, early view, 15 december 2016. SAGE Journals link
• 2016 (with Gianluca Argentin), "School Reform. Innovation and the Rhetorix of Change",  Italian Politics. vol. 31, Berghahn, p. 135-154. Berghahn Journals link
• 2016 (with Gabriele Ballarino and Nazareno Panichella), "Social background and education in occupational attainment in Italy" In: Fabrizio Bernardi and Gabriele Ballarino (ed.), Education, Occupation and Social Origin: A comparative Analysis of the Transmission of Socio-Economic Inequalities, p. 82-93.
• 2015 (with Gabriele Ballarino and Nazareno Panichella) "Social background and education in occupational attainment in 20th century Italy", SPS Working Papers, 2014/03, European University Institute.
• 2015 (with Moris Triventi, Nazareno Panichella, Fabrizio Bernardi, Gabriele Ballarino) "Education as a positional good. Implications for social inequalities in educational attainment in Italy", Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, available online 18 April.

Projets de recherche en cours

•  OASIS - Ouverture, Adaptation, Sensibilisation, Innovation et Liens sociaux (Mairie de Paris, LIEPP, CAUE, La Ligue de l'enseignement, Météo France, LIED, sur fonds FEDER)
•  Favoriser les compétences langagières des enfants des milieux défavorisés : une évaluation expérimentale d'un dispositif d’accompagnement à la lecture parentale. (LIEPP) [English version]
•  Social origins and tracking in French upper secondary schools: a longitudinal, experimental study.
•  Recherche / évaluation sur les jardins d'enfants de la Ville de Paris (Paris Habitat), coordinateur, avec Marco Oberti. Voir le rapport final.
•  NORFACE (ERA-NET / ANR) - Inequality across the life course - Life Course Dynamics of Educational Tracking (LIFETRACK - dir. Steffen Schindler, University of Bamberg).

Directions de thèses - PhD Students

Marta Facchini

Comités de rédaction - Editorial Boards

Editor of Research in Social Stratification and Mobility

Regular reviewer for European Sociological Review, Sociology of Education, Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia.

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