Martin Aranguren

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  • Martin Aranguren (OSC)Martin Aranguren (OSC)

Contact: martin.aranguren(at)
Office: 302

Hal Spire Sciences Po Scholar

Thèmes de recherche - research interests

Martin Aranguren’s research seeks to explain macro-social inequalities on the basis of micro-social mechanisms operating at the level of face-to-face interaction. His dissertation proposed an original approach for studying the dynamics of emotional encounters in the context of interpersonal relations. Based on field experiments, his more recent work investigates everyday discrimination in urban public places.

Dernières publications - Latest Publication

  • 2021 (with Francesco Madrisotti, Eser Durmaz-Martins, Gernot Gerger, Lena Wittmann & Marc Méhu), "Responses to the islamic headscarf in everyday interactions depend on sex and locale: a field experiment in the metros of Brussels, Paris, and Vienna on helping and involvement behaviors", PLOS ONE, 0254927. Available in Open Access
  • 2021 (with Francesco Madrisotti & Eser Durmaz-Martins), "Anti-Muslim behavior in everyday interaction: evidence from a field experiment in Paris", Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, published online 15 July. Available in Open Access
  • 2021, "Face mask use conditionally decreases compliance with physical distancing rules against Covid-19: gender differences in risk compensation pattern", Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Available in Open Access


  • 2021-2022, "Reducing Risk Compensation (GERICO)",  ANR, Call Résilience Covid-19.
    GERICO seeks to explain why people relax one preventive measure (keeping a minimal one-meter distance) when they adopt another one (using a face mask) in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

editorial boards

Member of the editorial board of Appartenances & Altérités

Enseignements - Teaching

2022, Quantitative methods 2 (introduction to multiple regression analysis), Sociology Master’s, Sciences Po.

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