Marta Facchini

Doctorante en sociologie - PhD Student (OSC-INED)
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Marta Facchini est affiliée au LIEPP

Sujet de thèse - Dissertation Title

Parental Occupational Instability and Early Skills Development: Assessing the patterns and the underlying mechanisms.

Supervisors: Carlo Barone and Lidia Panico (INED)

Source of Funding: Doctoral Grant ANR - NORFACE ERA-NET, Life Course Dynamics of Educational Tracking (2018-2021).

Project (Abstract):

My thesis investigates the link between parental employment instability and children early skill development. Occupational instability is articulated in employment status, type of contract and job sector, while developmental outcomes include language skills, psychological adjustment as well as motor skills. Using ELFE data, I will focus on the developmental gaps of infants and toddlers in France. Moreover, I will take into account the occupational instability of both family members, in order to assess the effect of gender roles and couple dynamics. Furthermore, I aim to analyze the mechanisms, disentangling the effect of the dimensions of employment instability from poverty. Lastly, I will consider the role of welfare. Using NEPS-IAB data, I will compare the cases of France and Germany, which have a similar welfare system and labor market, but differ in their support to fertility and childcare provision.


  • 2020 (with Moris Triventi and Loris Vergolini), "Do Grants Improve the Outcomes of University Students in a Challenging Context? Evidence from a Matching Approch", Higher Education, Published 6th July. Paper available on Springer Journals - or Preprint version (SocArXiv, 5th April 2019)
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