Chercheurs invités / Visiting Scholars

EN 2023-2024

Peter Hepburn (Rutgers University - Newark)Peter Hepburn, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University-Newark and Research Fellow at the Eviction Lab - Princeton University. His research examines how changes to three core social institutions — work, criminal justice, and housing — have served to produce and perpetuate inequality. It aims to demonstrate how disparities in exposure to precarious work, the criminal justice system, and housing instability are maintained through the mechanism of the family. Visiting since January 1st to June 1st 2024. Website

Rosa Weber (Stockholm University)Rosa Weber, Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Sociology at Stockholm University and INED. Project  Social Ties and Immigrant Integration: Bridging and Bonding Ties in France and Sweden. Visiting between 15th September 2023 and 15th December 2023. More information

Arthur AcolinArthur Acolin, Associate Professor of Real Estate, Runstad Department of Real Estate, College of Built Environments, University of Washington. Visiting between 15th September 2023 and 14th June 2024. Current project: comparative analysis of immigrants'access to housing in European countries. He already worked on gentrification and discrimination in French real estate market. 

Andrei CimpianAndrei Cimpian, Professor of Psychology, New York University. CimpianLab Website
Period of Visiting: 1st October - 15th November 2023. His research investigates motivation and academic achievement, with a particular focus on how educational inequalities are shaped by gender and racial/ethnic stereotypes.

Joseph CimpianJoseph Cimpian, Professor of Economics and Education Policy, NYU Steinhardt and Professor of Public Service at NYU Wagner. Webpage/bio
Visiting between 1st October and 15th November 2023. His core research area is dealing with the social, psychological, and institutional factors affecting equity and access, particularly concerning sex, gender identity, sexuality, and multilingualism. He is currently conducting an interdisciplinary research on gender gaps in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), policies to help non-native-English speakers succeed in school.

Yu HuiHui Yu, Associate Professor, School of Education, South China Normal University.Visiting for one Year, starting November 2023, under the China Scholarship Council programme. He's now researching into parental educational involvement and private tutoring in urban China.

EN 2022-2023

Rob Gruijters (Cambridge)Rob Gruijters, Associate Professor, University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education. He is also affiliated with the Research for Equitable Access and Learning Center (REAL). Visiting, as part of the Cambridge - Sciences Po Exchange Visits Programme, in July 2023. 

Merlin SchaefferMerlin Schaeffer, Professor, University of Copenhagen, Department of Sociology. He is a sociologist with a specialization in the conceptual and theory-driven empirical analysis of immigration-based ethnic diversity and stratification, as well as their contentious political consequences. Visiting in April 2023.

Olof Ostergren Olof Östergren, Researcher at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm University. He's currently working on social inequalities during the pandemic, including health, health-care access and Swedish labour-market. He also leads a project carried with Stockholm University and the University of Helsinki examining health among Finnish migrants in Sweden, in relation to both the country of origin and destination. During his stay he plans to work on cross-country comparisons in social inequalities in old-age mortality together with Zachary Van Winkle. Visiting from March 2023 to July 2024.    

Abdie Kazemipur Abdie Kazemipur, Professor of Sociology, Chair of Ethnic Studies, University of Calgary. His current project is dealing with the migration and integration of Muslims in Spain (where Muslims had lived and ruled over parts for almost eight centuries) and in Canada (a country geographically distant). Visiting from 1st March to 30 June, as part of the Sciences Po Visiting Faculty Global Program.

Carlos Costa RibeiroCarlos Costa Ribeiro, Professor of Sociology, IESP/UERJ (Brazil). His research is dealing with social stratification around various topics: social mobility, social inequalities, transition to adulthood, educational stratification, social classes, race relations, cycles of life. Visiting from 19th September, during 5 weeks.

En 2021-2022

Marion LieutaudMarion Lieutaud, Fellow in Computational Social Science, LSE Department of Methodology. Visiting, du 1er juin au 31 août 2022 pour un séjour de recherche dans le cadre du programme de mobilité post-doctorale CIVICA.

Thomas A. DiPrete Thomas A. DiPrete, Giddings Professor of Sociology, Columbia University in the City of New-York and Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP). Séjour à l'OSC du 14 avril au 8 juin 2022. Il travaille dans un mode comparatif sur les inégalités genrées lors de l'éducation puis des revenus du travail.

Mats Eirik Lillehagen Mats Lillehagen, post-doctorant, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo. Visiting entre mars et décembre 2022. Il travaille avec Olivier Godechot sur les inégalités dans l'accès au marché du travail et aux postes à responsabilité, en raison de l'origine géographique ou ethnique.   

Lea PessinLéa Pessin, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Demography, Pennsylvania State University and affiliated with the Population Research Institute. Elle travaille à l'OSC du 1er février au 31 mars 2022 avec Zachary Van Winkle sur les conséquences croisées des situations familiales et professionnelles sur les parcours de vie.

Anna Caroline VenturiniAnna Carolina Venturini, post-doctorante au Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP), en visite à l'OSC du 1er février au 15 mars 2022. Elle collabore avec Marco Oberti dans une perspective comparatiste sur la question des politiques d'affirmative action dans l'enseignement supérieur, notamment les contrats d'éducation prioritaires à Sciences Po.

Mauricio ErnicaMauricio Ernica, professeur à l'Université de Campinas (Unicamp - São Paulo). Il mène un projet de recherche en collaboration avec Agnès van Zanten sur les inégalités scolaires et leur relation avec les inégalités sociales au Brésil. Séjour du 1er février au 31 juillet 2022.

En 2019-2020

Thomas A. DiPrete Thomas A. DiPrete, Giddings Professor of Sociology, Columbia University in the City of New-York and Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research and Policy. Séjour à l'OSC du 2 janvier au 15 juin 2020. Il travaille sur les inégalités sociales, notamment genrées, en lien avec le système éducatif et le marché du travail.

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En 2018-2019

Ann Morning (NYU)Ann Morning, Associate Professor of Sociology, New York University Arts & Science. Séjour à l'invitation du Département de sociologie de Sciences Po du 21 mai au 29 juin 2019. Elle s'intéresse à la formation et la réception des identités raciales et ethnoraciales ; elle interroge dans plusieurs articles et ouvrages le concept de race.

Marco RomitoMarco Romito, chercheur postdoctoral au Département de sociologie de l'Université de Milan-Bicocca. Il étudie les inégalités éducatives au travers des parcours scolaires, en Italie. Il est accueilli à l'OSC pour un séjour de 3 mois, de mi-janvier à mi-avril 2019. Il travaille, avec l'aide d'Agnès van Zanten, sur l'orientation vers l'enseignement supérieur.

Chris Deeming (Strathclyde)Chris Deeming, Chancellor's Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at Strathclyde University (Glasgow). Séjour de octobre à novembre 2018, sur invitation du Département de sociologie. C'est un spécialiste de sociologie politique (politiques sociales, Welfare State, types de régimes, approches économiques et redistribution).

Adalberto Cardoso (IESP-UERJ)Adalberto Cardoso, membre de l'Institut d'études sociales et politiques (IESP) de l'Université de Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), chercheur associé à l'OSC. Invité, durant un congé sabbatique, de septembre 2018 à juillet 2019. Il travaille avec des chercheurs de l'OSC sur le programme Capes Cofecub les classes moyennes dans la ville : comparaison Paris - Rio de Janeiro. Domaines de recherche : sociologie du travail, sociologie urbaine (ségrégation, violence, éducation...).

Chercheurs invités - Années antérieures (2004-2017)

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