Sciences Po Presidency : Three Candidates Selected

Sciences Po Presidency : Three Candidates Selected

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Semaine des métiers en affaires publiques

Myanmar: How to End the Military's Impunity?

Masterclass by Sidney Toledano, LVMH: "40 Years of Luxury Business, What’s Ahead of Us?"

The Role of the Prosecutor in the 21st Century: A Conversation with François Molins and Cyrus Vance

François Molins, General Prosecutor for Paris’ Court of Cassation, and Cyrus Vance, New York County District Attorney, came together during their lecture at Science Po’s Law School to highlight an observation gleaned from years of experience in the field: the role of a prosecutor in the 21st century is vastly different from how it was forty years ago. The two prosecutors, caught up as they are in the whirlwind of technological advances in the post 9/11 era, emphasised the impact of cybercrime—as well as that of terrorism—on their career paths and the way in which they approach their profession.

“Be aware of the freedoms you have and act on them”: Interview with Antoine Laurent, Alumnus and Activist

Antoine Laurent was only 25 when he joined SOS Méditerranée, an NGO that rescues migrants in danger in the Mediterranean Sea. For more than two years, Antoine participated actively in the operations of the Aquarius, a search and rescue vessel that aided more than 30,000 people in the world’s deadliest migratory route, until the ship was taken out of action for political and legal reasons. An alumnus of the one-year Master in Advanced Global Studies at PSIA (International Energy track), Antoine has since continued to champion the cause while working in politics. His book Aquarius Logbook: In The Shoes of A Sea Rescuer (Fr) was published by Kero Editions in April 2021. Read our interview with an alumnus of many talents and an ever-committed activist.