Research Units

Sciences Po’s researchers are affiliated with the department of their discipline and develop their work in research centres and crosscutting programs. 

One department for each discipline

Each of the five major disciplines at Sciences Po is organized into a department.  In addition to being responsible for matters linked to teaching and educational offerings, each department serves as a forum for exchanging ideas on the development of each discipline and on its specific operating principles.

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Ten Research Centres

Disciplinary affiliation aside, each researcher works with a Research Centre (whose scope may exactly match that of a department if the centre is monodisciplinary).  There are ten CNRS research centres, including six jointly run with Sciences Po.  Adding to these ten research units is the OFCE, which serves as both a research centre and an economic forecasting organization.

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Three crosscutting programs

Researchers from our various research units lead these programs, which develop crosscutting and multidisciplinary issues.  The LIEPP and DIME-SHS have been awarded highly competitive grants from the “Investments for the Future” program, and MaxPo has a contractual partnership with the prestigious Max Planck Society.

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A Doctoral School

The Doctoral School provides research training through research to Masters and PhD students in law, economics, history, political science and sociology.

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