Postdoctorants / Postdoctoral Fellows

Maricia Fisher-SouanMaricia Fischer-Souan
Maricia Fischer-Souan (PhD Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2020) is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the CÉRIUM and the CRIS (2021-2024). She was first based at the Centre for International Studies and Research - CÉRIUM, Université de Montréal. Her post-doctoral project, Im.magine -  Mapping Immigrant Imaginations: Comparing North Africans in Montréal and Marseille - focuses on the spatial dynamics of immigrant identity formation and is supervised by Ettore Recchi.  She was previously a researcher in the GEMM Horizon 2020 project - Growth, Equal Opportunities, Migration and Markets.
Last publication: "Belonging to the nation, belonging to Europe? Varieties of particularism and universalism in migrant identity negotiation", Journal of Contemporary European Studies, Online February 8th.

Isabelle LangrockIsabelle Langrock
Postdoctoral researcher, project ACTIVEINFO (ANR), led by Jen Schradie. Duration: 18 months, between June 2023 and December 2024. Data collection and analysis on misinformation mechanisms, based on daily media consumption. Qualitative and mixed methods. 
Last publication: "Book bans in political context: Evidence from US schools" (with Marcelo S O Goncalves, Jack LaViolette, Katie Spoon), PNAS Nexus, June 2024.
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Article updated on 12-06-2024
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