First Year


The first year of the Bachelor's programme offers an introduction to the social sciences and humanities. Students gain theoretical and methodological foundations in the core disciplines of economics, history, humanities, law, political science and sociology. On the regional campuses, first year courses may be approached from a specific geographical perspective.

In addition to introductory classes, varied and diverse course offerings introduce students to multidisciplinary instruction and the links between academic disciplines and contemporary issues. Such courses include: reading sections, mathematics and statistics classes, exploratory seminars, artistic workshops, and language classes.

Students complement their in-class learning with practical field experiences including group projects, negotiations simulations, and study trips. Under the supervision of a faculty advisor, students kick off their civic learning programme with a one-month professional internship (at the end of the year) in a public, private, or nonprofit context.

Course list

Important steps


During course registration: choice of certain classes from overall course list (exploratory seminar, artistic workshops and language classes).

During the first semester: possibility to participate in a group project.

During the second semester:

Pedagogical Support Resources

  • Tutoring sessions are available to help students reinforce their skills in research methodology, language, and audiovisual tools.
  • Digital Skills Training: Sciences Po highly recommends this course, which is designed to help students not only discover but master digital tools and technologies that can be used in both in-class and extracurricular work (classes, internship, student life). The class is optional, but is credit-bearing for those who successfully complete it.