Bachelor of Arts: third year

Students enrolled in their second year in 2017-2018 who will complete their third year abroad in 2018-2019 should refer to the page regarding possible destinations (fr.).

The following information applies only to students enrolled in their first year in 2017-2018 and who will complete their third year abroad in 2019-2020.


The purpose of third year is to complete the multidisciplinary major in another international academic environment at a foreign university.

Students take courses and continue the civic learning programme according to one of two possible formats: two semesters of study at one of Sciences Po's 470 partner universities; or one semester of study at a partner university completed by a semester-long full-time internship.

All students produce a Capstone Project, a compulsory written exercise that takes a theoretical, analytical, and documented look at the links between each student’s academic choices as an undergraduate and the choice of engagements and commitments throughout the three years spent at the College.

Important steps

Throughout the year: Students receive remote pedagogical support from the faculty advisor, namely to aid in the preparation of the Capstone Project.

During the second semester: