Gender equality

Sciences Po is an inclusive university committed to promoting real equality between women and men. We are taking action at every level within the student community, in line with our 2020-2023 action plan (fr.).

Courses on Gender

In conjunction with the Programme for Research and Education on Gender (PRESAGE), gender is addressed as a cross-cutting issue across the courses taught at Sciences Po, and several courses are specifically focused on gender equality (find the course offer on the PRESAGE website).

In addition, innovative qualitative studies are being conducted through the EGERA research project (fr.) and Sciences Po's educational innovation division:

  • Study on the evaluation of teaching staff (Anne Boring)
  • Study on the choice of university in third year (Anne Boring, ongoing)
  • Study on public-speaking by women and men (Anne Boring, ongoing)

Awareness-raising and training

The principle of gender equality is enshrined in several charters and regulations, in particular the student life charter (PDF, 357 Ko).

Campaigns are run on each campus and spanning all programmes at the start of the academic year to raise students' awareness of gender equality.

Training activities are organised for recognised student associations and initiatives, in conjunction with the Office of Student Life. See the relevant regulations adopted by the Student Life Committee (fr.).


A gender gap persists in the employment of Sciences Po graduates. Young women, who account for 60 per cent of the 13,000 students at Sciences Po, earn 15 percent less on average after graduation than their male counterparts. Read the graduate employability survey conducted by the Careers Services (fr.).

To actively support women students in launching their careers, Sciences Po has developed specific "Women's Careers" (fr.) workshops among the range of workshops offered by the Careers Service: public-speaking, attitude, salary negotiation, work-life balance, etc. These workshops are run in the fall and spring semesters.

In 2018, Sciences Po created the Chair for Women in Business, which is connected to the Centre for Entrepreneurship and partners with the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP).

Finally, specific career workshops for doctoral students are run through the Doctoral School.

Combating sexism

The university runs regular awareness and information campaigns on the subject for the student community and faculty, including poster campaigns, information sessions at the beginning of the semester, training sessions for association leaders, specific actions on 25 November and 8 March, etc.

Finally, a sexual harassment monitoring unit provides confidential support for anyone experiencing sexual harassment or sexual misconduct.

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