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PRESAGE - Sciences Po's Gender Studies Programme sets a goal to develop gender studies at Sciences Po, both in undergraduate and graduate studies. The various courses available to students are particularly designed to give them an understanding of the formation of gender inequalities, their role within other forms of social inequality, forms and practices of discrimination, in addition to historical and conceptual aspects of gender relations and the impact of gender norms.

Sciences Po graduates who acquired demonstrable academic expertise within the field of gender studies can testify to their skills and education in the professional world by obtaining the Advanced Certification in Gender Studies

Undergraduate studies

Spring 2020-2021

General Programme

First Year

Initiation aux études de genre et à l’analyse des inégalités femmes-hommes (FR) (Hélène Périvier, Marta Domínguez Folgueras, Réjane Sénac, Marie Mercat-Bruns), seminar

Second Year

Central and Eastern Europe programme

to be updated

Europe - Asia programme

to be updated

Middle East and Mediterranean programme

to be updated

Europe and Franco-German region programme, first year

Der gute Bürger? Geschlecht, Staatsbürgerschaft und polit. Beteiligung in Europa seit dem 19. Jhdt (DE) (Zoé Kergomard), seminar

Latin America programme, first year

Genre, sexualité et féminismes en Amérique latine (FR) (Luis Rivera Vélez), seminar

North America programme

to be updated

Europe - Africa programme

to be updated

Graduate studies

Spring 2020-2021

Common Academic Curriculum

Discrimination and Anti-Discrimination: literary, historical and legal approaches (Helena Alviar García)

School of Public Affairs

Decoding biases in Artificial Intelligence (Jean-Philippe Cointet, Béatrice Mazoyer), elective course semester 2, Digital and new technologies

School of International Affairs (PSIA)

Master in International Security

Gender and the Challenges of State-collapse, Peacebuilding and Statebuilding - the Somali case study (Judith Gardner), Semester 2, Core Curriculum, Conflicts and Criminal Justice Block

Master in International Economic Policy

Gender Economics (Irina Kalabikhina), Semester 2, Core Curriculum, Sustainable Economy Block

Master in International Development
Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action
Regional concentration: Asian Studies

Population, Gender and Society in China (Isabelle Attané)

Thematic concentration: Environment and sustainability

Gender and Sustainable Development: Introduction to the Basics of Gender & Environment Negotiations (Emma Letellier)

Thematic concentration: Migrations

Gender and Forced Migration (Jane Freedman)

Law School

Gender Rights (Sarah Cleveland), Master in Economic Law, Global Governance Studies and Global Business Law and Governance specialisations, semester 4

School of Management and Innovation

RSE et diversité (FR) (Laure Bereni), Master in Human Resources

Urban School

Master Stratégies territoriales et urbaines

Sociology of gender (Marta Domínguez Folgueras), research stream

School of Research

Master in History

Masculinities: Probing Gender History Through the Lens of Soldiers' Amateur Photography (Elissa Mailänder), seminar semester 2

Master in Sociology

Sociology of gender (Marta Domínguez Folgueras), thematic course, semester 2


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