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PRESAGE - Sciences Po's Gender Studies Programme sets a goal to develop gender studies at Sciences Po, both in undergraduate and graduate studies. The various courses available to students are particularly designed to give them an understanding of the formation of gender inequalities, their role within other forms of social inequality, forms and practices of discrimination, in addition to historical and conceptual aspects of gender relations and the impact of gender norms.

Sciences Po graduates who acquired demonstrable academic expertise within the field of gender studies can testify to their skills and education in the professional world by obtaining the Advanced Certification in Gender Studies

Undergraduate studies

Fall 2020-2021

General programme

Central and Eastern Europe programme, second year

Europe - Asia programme, second year

Significant Topics in Sociology : Gender (Marta Domínguez Folgueras, Sonia Planson), Core Lecture Economy & Society Major

Middle East and Mediterranean programme, second year

Significant Topics in Sociology : Gender (Marta Domínguez Folgueras, Marion Valarcher), Core Lecture Economy & Society Major

Europe and Franco-German region programme, second year

Latin America programme, second year

North America programme

Significant Topics in Sociology: Gender (Marta Domínguez Folgueras), Core Lecture Economy & Society Major

La séduction dans les arts: politique et intimité (FR) (Sébastien Hubier), seminar

Questions of Gender in Media and Culture (Brigitte Rollet), seminar

Professions, Power, and Politics: Victorian Women's Subversion of Social Norms (Catherine Heyrendt), seminar

Gender: Key Questions of our Time (Cynthia Tolentino), seminar

Gender and Migration (Marc Palillo), seminar

Europe - Africa programme

Graduate studies

Fall 2020-2021

Common core curriculum

School of Public Affairs

Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA)

Law School

School of Management and Innovation

RSE et diversité (FR) (Laure Bereni), Master in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources

Doctoral School


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