Student events

Over 1500 student events are held each year across the Sciences Po campuses, check them out on the student events platform.

Organising a student event at Sciences Po

Student associations and initiatives may organise, when authorised, events or meetings at Sciences Po within the context of their activities (art. 22 – Student Life regulations, pdf - 477 Ko).

Requests should be made according to the procedure for each campus, as follows.

Organising events outside Sciences Po

When permanent and recognised student associations and student initiatives wish to organise events outside Sciences Po, namely student parties and orientation weekends and events, they should take measures to manage risks during these events and ensure that they comply with the legal framework in force, as stipulated in article 17 of the Student life regulations.

Compulsory declaration of an off-campus festive event

Permanent and recognised student associations and student initiatives organising student parties and orientation events or trips involving more than 20 students, undertake to declare these events to the department in charge of student life or campus management at least 15 days beforehand, and prior to any communication to students, by completing the Declaration form for festive student events or trips involving more than 20 students (in French)

Prevention and risk reduction

Student associations and initiatives organising festive events undertake to put preventive action in place with regard to their participants, specifically with the support of Sciences Po partner associations that combat risky behaviour.

Together we must take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the current legislation regarding bullying, the responsible distribution of alcohol and the fight against all forms of violence and discrimination.

The student association fund (FIA) can provide grants to associations and initiatives to enable them to meet their obligations with regard to prevention, and security of persons and property. More details on the page Requesting funding for your project.

Student organisers have a number of responsibilities in the combat against excessive consumption of alcohol and consumption of psychoactive substances (article 17 of the Student life regulations):

  • take out insurance to cover civil and criminal liability during these events;
  • respect safety standards appropriate to the scale of the event;
  • prevent unsafe behaviour associated with excessive consumption of alcohol or psychoactive substances;
  • prevent excessive alcohol consumption by making alcohol more expensive and less easily available than non-alcoholic drinks;
  • prohibit any form of "open bar" (with alcoholic drinks), particularly for a fixed price or free of charge, or any event only offering alcoholic drinks, in accordance with article 94 of French law no. 2009-879 of 21 July 2009 on hospital reform, patients, health and the regions;
  • offer food free of charge or at reasonable prices (in compliance with health regulations);
  • make fresh water freely available;
  • ensure that the team responsible for distributing drinks does not serve alcohol to participants who are clearly intoxicated;
  • prohibit any slogans encouraging the consumption or promotion of alcohol, and partnerships with alcohol producers;
  • undertake not to favour the benefits of alcohol sales but to limit any excessive consumption;
  • actively encourage people who are clearly intoxicated not to drive and facilitate the organisation of alternative transport.
  • Financial concerns (profitability of an event, contractual commitments) should not take precedence when organising events. You should first of all ensure the physical safety and moral integrity of each participant.

Promoting an event

As a general rule, student associations must clearly indicate in all communications about their events and activities that these events and activities are organised by a student association and not by Sciences Po.

Student associations organising events on the Paris campus can advertise their event via the student events platform (FR) by placing a publication request.

These communications are included in the weekly student event newsletter sent to students on the Paris campus (not to be confused with the institutional events newsletter, also published weekly).

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