Scholarships and Financial aid for Non-European students

Please note: Non-European Students are students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

The Emile-Boutmy Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by Sciences Po to students, first time applicants, from outside the European Union who demonstrate academic excellence and fulfil the profile requirements.

Find out more about the Emile Boutmy Scholarship.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholarships

The scholarships offered in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation are merit-based scholarships for students from sub-Saharan African countries who face financial and other barriers to higher education.

These highly selective scholarships are open to candidates applying to our Bachelor's programme, one of our seven graduate schools, or Sciences Po Summer School.

Find out more about the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships.

Campus France

For information on scholarship programmes please refer to the Campus France Grant Search Engine

Scholarships from your home country

You may be eligible for other scholarship programmes depending on your country of origin. Further information, on the International Affairs Division (DAI) website.

Regarding Latin American countries, there are specific agreements between Sciences Po and different institutions such as CONACYT, COLFUTURO, GUATEFUTURO. According to the agreement, a 10% to 25% reduction in tuition fees can be granted.

Please note: This reduction cannot be combined with the Emile Boutmy scholarship, unless otherwise decided by the jury. In this case, the amount of the Emile Boutmy scholarship may change.

Doctoral Programme

Information on funding opportunities for doctoral students is available on the website of the Doctoral School.

Other Scholarships for Non-European Students

Title Public
Aulagnon-Bettan Prize First year students at Sciences Po
Bourses Talents (formerly known as "Diversity in the Civil Service bursary (ALDIV)") Students registered at Sciences Po in competitive exam preparation for the French civil service. Students from an EU or EEA member country or Swiss nationals are eligible to apply for this bursary
Campus France (Grant Search Engine) Students who intend to study at Sciences Po at the undergraduate studies or Masters level
Chalhoub Scholarship The Chalhoub scholarship is intended for students from one of the following countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Koweit, Bahrein, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Oman, Iran, Iraq. It allows students who wish to study at Sciences Po at the undergraduate level at the Sciences Po campus in Menton, Southern France.
Civil Society Leadership Award The purpose of the Civil Society Leadership is to help future leaders in countries where civil society is challenged by a deficit of democratic practice in local governance and social development.
Eiffel Scholarship Applicants for our graduate programmes under 25 years old (born after March 1996). Candidates from emerging countries and above all to those who are underrepresented in French universities and higher education institutions: Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and new members of the EU and the Middle East.
Federal Direct Loans Program Étudiants de nationalité américaine ou étudiants détenteur d'une Green card inscrits en Master à Sciences Po
Fondation de France (scholarships guidebook) Students who intend to study at the undergraduate studies or Masters level
Franco-American Fulbright Commission American students who intend to carry out a Masters or Doctorate in the United States of America
French Government Scholarships (AEFE) Étudiants internationaux issus du réseau des lycées français à l'étranger
Fundings from Sciences Po's Doctoral School Sciences Po's PhD students
Henri de Castries Scholarship American or French national, admitted at Sciences Po's dual BA with Columbia University or Berkeley University
Longview Scholarship in Honor of Jane Pumphrey Nes American citizen student admitted in a Master programme at Sciences Po who show a deep interest in France and the French language.
Michel David-Weill Scholarship American students from a top-tier university who want to pursue their postgraduate education at Sciences Po in Paris
National Administration School bursary (ENA) Students registered at Sciences Po in the preparatory course for the National Administration School (ENA)
One-Year Master's Programme Scholarships A select number of outstanding students
Sallie Mae Private Loans American students or students with a Green card registered as undergraduate or Masters level students.
Scholarship from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED - Philippines) Filipino national student, admitted to one of Sciences Po’s Master or PhD programs.
Stephen M. Kellen scholarship Students admitted at Sciences Po dual BA with Freie Universität Berlin, who exemplify the values promoted by Stephen M. Kellen
The Geneviève McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation Scholarship Candidates must be citizen of a sub-Saharan African country, must have completed their high school education in a sub-Saharan African country and must be accepted to Sciences Po's undergraduate Europe-Africa programme

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