Cogito 17
10 March 2022
Higher Education Graduates’s Decreasing Returns to Experience
10 June 2022

Directory of Researchers Analysing Labour

Permanent Faculty

At the Department of Economics

  • Ghazala Azmat – Gender Issues, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Industrial Economics
  • Moshe Buchinsky –- Theoretical and Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics, Public Finance, Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics
  • Pierre Cahuc – Labor markets, Macroeconomics, Unemployment
  • Pierre-Philippe Combes– Urban economy, economic geography, commerce, labor
  • Kerstin Holzheu – Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics, Labor Economics
  • Stefan Pollinger – Public Economics, Applied Econometrics. Labor Economics, Environmental Economics, Macroeconomics
  • Florian Oswald – Housing, Labor Economics, Econometrics, Consumption
  • Jean-Marc Robin – Micro-Economics, Labor Markets, Econometrics

At the Center for the Sociology of Organisations (CSO)

  • Philipp Brandt – Emerging professions, expert work
  • Henri Bergeron – Management, organisations
  • Renaud Crespin – Sociology of work, Sociology of science and technology, Sociology of public action, Instruments and instrumentation of public action
  • Didier Demazière – Sociology of work, unemployment, public action
  • Pierre François – Sociology of professions, particularly artistic ones
  • Léonie Hénaut – Process of professionalisation and rationalisation of work, and their articulation. New forms of multi-professional work
  • Olivier Pilmis – Economic Sociology, Sociology of Work, Sociology of Professions
  • Gwenaële Rot – Sociology of work, employment, industrial production
  • Denis Segrestin – Sociology of work, Sociology of companies, Social change

At the Sociological Observatory of Change (OSC)

  • Carlo Barone – Educational policies, Educational inequalities, Inequalities and occupational segregation, Social experimentation, Higher education, Access to the labor market
  • Bastian Betthaeuser – Social mobility and life cycle, Intergenerational transmission of inequalities, Education
  • Marta-Dominguez Folgueras – Family Transformations, Gender Inequalities, Domestic Work
  • Emanuele Ferragina – Social stratification and transformations of inequalities, Segregation, Social protection, Labor market, Social capital, Welfare state, Italy
  • Denis Fougère – Collective Bargaining and Wages, Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Public Policy Evaluation, Collective Bargaining and Wages, Real Estate Markets, Applied Econometrics, Educational Inequalities
  • Olivier Godechot – Economic sociology, Labor markets, Financial and academic circles, Financialisation, Socio-intellectual networks, Economic sociology, Networks, Financial and academic circles, Labor markets
  • Laurent Lesnard – Individual and marital working hours, Transformation of social ties
  • Anne Revillard – Disability and work
  • Mirna Safi – Immigration, Discrimination and Segregation in Employment and Housing

At the French Observatory of Economic Conditions (OFCE)

  • Guillaume Allègre – Social Policies, Poverty, Inequalities, Work Incentives, Taxation
  • Eric Heyer – Forecasting, Labor Market, Modeling
  • Hélène Périvier – Social and family policies, Labor markets, Inequalities and discrimination, Gender, Welfare state
  • Xavier Timbeau – Forecasting, Modelling, Labor market

At the Center for European Studies and Comparative Politics (CEE)

  • Bruno Palier – European Union, Social Protection
  • Nathalie Morel – Socio-fiscal policies; Policies for the care of young children and dependent persons (care); Social investment policies; Support policies for domestic jobs

At the Center for Political Research (CEVIPOF)

  • Guy Groux – Social classes and socio-professional categories, Activism, Political and social regulation, Professional relations, Socialism, Unions, Values, Communism, Economic crisis, Far left, Left, Social dialogue
  • Samuel Hayat – Political representation, revolutions and labor movements of the 19th century
  • Annabelle Lever – Discrimination and Employee Rights

At the Centre for History

  • Nicolas Delalande – History of social movements, History of expertise and knowledge, History of political economy
  • Marion Fontaine – Political and cultural history (20th-21st century Europe), History of socialism and the labor movement, History of mines and miners, History of the crisis of industrial societies, History of social times and leisure (sports)

At the Law School

At the medialab

PhD students (2021-2022)


  • Mohamed ABDELSALAM – Study of Judicial Interpretations of the “Right to Strike” Under Constitutional Sharia Principles and International Obligations


  • Vianney GRIFFATON – Working time, industrial discipline, time for oneself: a social and political history of mobilisations for the a reduction in working time (France, 1880s – 1930s)

Political Science

  • Gauthier DELOZIERE – Rethinking the boundaries of work: philosophical and political issues of an environmental conception of work
  • Lucas PUYGRENIER – The government of illiberal labor: orchestrating rotational migrations in the agriculture of the Italian Mezzogiorno and in the industry of Mauritius
  • Ana-Maria SZILAGYI – The Labor Paradox: Value, Gender and Migration in Twentieth Century Britain
  • Paulus WAGNER – The effect of social relations at the workplace on the political attitudes of employees


  • Oliver CASSAGNEAU-FRANCIS – The returns to on-the-job training
  • Pauline CORBLET –  A structural analysis of dynamic matching’s factors on the labor market
  • Mylène FEUILLADE –  Spatial wage disparities and individual location choices
  • Daniel GYETVAI – Assessing the optimality of the French unemployment insurance scheme
  • Riddhi KALSI –   Is privatisation more costly for the lifetime earnings of women?
  • Gustave KENEDI –   Intergenerational Social Mobility: Measurement, Mechanisms and Policy
  • Marco PALLADINO – The Economics of Mental Health: Educational Gradient, Mismatch and Effects on Labor Market and Family Decisions
  • Pierre VILLEDIEU – Discrimination on the labor market


  • Maxime BESENVAL – Screenwriters in the French audiovisual sector: backgrounds and work experiences of a changing profession
  • Mathéa BOUDINET –  Articulation between disability and gender in the implementation and reception of French policies for professional integration and job retention
  • Charlotte CORCHETE –  “Teacher-student” and “recruiter-candidate” relations put to the test of ethno-racial and gender categorization
  • Brianne DUBOIS – The studios of contemporary artists: analysis of artistic production networks
  • Héloïse L.ELOI-HAMMER –  Justice and algorithms: towards a transformation of the legal profession?
  • Marta FACCHINI–  Where do early leavers go? The role of social origin on dropout and labor market outcomes via tracking
  • Federico D. FILETTI – Labor Market Outsiderness and Informal Care Regimes in Europe
  • Pauline GRIMAUD – Working Sundays and nights at the bottom of the ladder. Atypical working hours for unskilled employees, new work time standards?
  • Francesco Sabato MASSIMO – The politics of subcontracting: union strategies, collective action and law in and around a multinational logistics company (Italy, France, United States)
  • Rubing SHEN – The language of power: a study of contemporary political journalism using artificial intelligence
  •  Alix SPONTON – Can the state change roles? Paternity leave and the gendered division of labor in France
  • Marta VELJKOVIC –  The evolution of social mobility during career (France 1964-2015): socio-professional trajectories, their family springs and their subjective consequences