Abdelsalam, Mohamed R.

Mohamed R. Abdelsalam

Mohamed R. Abdelsalam is a judge at the Egyptian Council of State and currently a Ph.D. candidate at Sciences Po Law School. He is also currently a visiting fellow at Harvard University for the academic year of 2019-2020. In 2020, he was selected as an Expert member at the Working Group on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights of the African Union’ Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Mohamed is conducting comparative research on the theory of judicialization of religion and courts’ practices under constitutional Islamic Sharia Principles and International obligations, under the supervision of Professor Guillaume Tusseau.

Previously, Mohamed was a visiting researcher at Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, and a Scholar at the UNIDROIT. Having completed, with honors, his bachelor studies in Law, at Ain Shams University, and his Master’s degree in Administrative Law from the same university, Mohamed then pursued a Master’s degree in the Rule of Law for Development at Loyola University Chicago. Before being appointed as a Judge, Mohamed worked in Egypt as a lawyer for two years in arbitration, corporate law, and litigation, and also as a lecturer at the American Bar Association Rule of Law initiative.

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Publications : 
  • "The Arab Republic of Egypt 2014 Constitution Commentary, Constitutions of the Countries of the World", May 2019, Oxford University Press, OCW CM 1023 (EG), ISBN: 978-0-379-00467-0
  • "Applying Civil Law in an Effort to Eradicate Corruption in Egypt", PROLAW Student Journal of Rule of Law for Development, Volume 4, 2017, Loyola University Chicago
  • "Applying Civil Law to Curb Corruption: A tool for Civil Society and Individuals", Friday Poster and Research Presentation, 31th March 2017, Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum, OECD, Paris, France
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