Mirna Safi

Associate Professor at Sciences Po and Head of OSC
  • Mirna Safi (photo Alexis Lecomte)Mirna Safi (photo Alexis Lecomte)

contact: mirna.safi(at)sciencespo.fr - Tel: 01  45 49 54 78

Mirna Safi is Associate Professor at Sciences Po, attached to the OSC since 2007. She is Head of OSC since January 1, 2019.
Fellows of the European Academy of Sociology (since 2019).


Research topics

Mirna Safi is interested in immigration, ethnic and racial inequality, discrimination and segregation. Her current research focuses on impact of immigration on ethnoracial stratification in the French society, anti-discrimination policies at the workplace, ethnic minority, residential mobility and locational choice.

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Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies Journal of ethnic and Migration Studies - Online access

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