Protect Global Value Chains
17 February 2022
Directory of Researchers Analysing Labour
9 June 2022

Cogito 17

Cogito, n17. Le magazine de la recherche à Sciences Po

This issue showcases history: that of the fate of airmen who fell from the sky during World War II, of criticism of a civil service considered excessive, of the creation of a census in Spain, and of the operation of the French and American states. States are also discussed in their contemporaneity: the protection of their constitutions, the remuneration of care workers, the alignment of anti-corruption campaigns, and the integration of gender issues in international climate policies. The environment is also covered in an analysis of its close link with modern political theories. Finally, we delve into the resistance of the French media to populist drifts and present innovative research on the fragility of supply chains. Enjoy the read!


In Folio

Care Earnings in the United States and 24 European Countries
by Emanuele Ferragina
« ‘Too many civil Servants’: History of a Mantra
by Émilien Ruiz
Enforcing Constitutions: a Democratic Undertaking?
Interview with Guillaume Tusseau
Civilians and Fallen Pilots in Europe, 1939-1945
Interview with Claire Andrieu
Order and Disorder in French Public Media
By Dominique Cardon, Jean-Philippe Cointet et Pedro Ramaciotti Morales
The State in France and the United States: so Far, so Close
by Nicolas Barreyre et Claire Lemercier
The Environment and the Modernity of Political Ideas
Interview with Pierre Charbonnier

Research in Projects

Linking Gender and Climate
Interview with Maxime Forest, Christlord Foreste
& Paul Malliet
Protect Global Value Chains
Interview with Isabelle Mejean

Rising Stars

Fight Against Corruption: Shared Principles, Different Practices
Interview with Sofia Wickberg
Counting Populations to Better Govern?
Interview with Mathieu Aguilera


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Cogito 17