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The Journalism School's Inaugural Lecture by Naja Nielsen

Lutte contre le changement climatique : le point de vue des Italiens et des Français

School of Research opens Courses to Early Stage Researchers from CIVICA Universities

Interviews by Alina Thiemann. Read all of the testimonies on the page of the School of Research.

True to its goal of fostering more collaboration in academics across European universities, CIVICA enables doctoral fellows and researchers to exchange on ongoing research, team up for collaborative projects, and network with colleagues through various existing and upcoming joint initiatives and opportunities. Among these is the Early Stage Researcher (ESR) course catalogue, an online resource that brings together classes, workshops and seminars open to (post)doctoral researchers from across the alliance.

Angèle Paty: Bikepacking from Montpellier to the Shetland Islands

45 days, 4 countries, 2,500 kilometres – and all of it by bike... Angèle Paty, a former student of the Europe–North America programme on the Sciences Po Reims Campus has set herself a major challenge. After her third year abroad at the University of St Andrews came to an abrupt and unfortunate end due to the pandemic, Paty launched the project SAORSA, meaning “freedom” in Scottish Gaelic. She has made it her mission to return to Scotland by cycling all the way to the Shetland Islands from her hometown of Montpellier – on her own, on muscle power alone. We asked her a few questions before she set off.

Where are our 2019 graduates now?

The results of the 2021 Graduate Employability Survey on the class of 2019 show that Sciences Po students remain very attractive to employers, with 9 out of 10 graduates in professional activity. Despite a job market facing difficulties, 82% of our 2019 graduates found their first job in less than 6 months, and nearly ¾ of them have a stable profession. There are still just as many (37%) working abroad, in 84 countries. Discover all the results of our survey!

Watch Season 2 of our video series FOCUS!

News passes, ideas stay. FOCUS is Sciences Po’s video series that sheds light on current affairs. In each episode, a researcher or professor explores a topical issue related to his or her field of expertise from an unexpected angle. In three minutes, FOCUS offers an out-of-the-box reflection on the issues that drive public debate and proposes perspectives for understanding and acting.

Bachelor students from all over Europe team up for first ever CIVICA European Week

From 8 to 11 June 2021, some 40 undergraduate students from Sciences Po, Bocconi University, the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and The London School of Economics (LSE) took part in the first edition of the CIVICA European Week. This event, a central element of the CIVICA Engage Track, aimed to foster social engagement in bachelor students from all over Europe through four days of fast-paced learning and team working with peers from varied backgrounds.