A Collective to Rethink the Environment
27 November 2018
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6 May 2019

Cogito n°5

Cogito, la lettre de la recherche à Sciences Po, numéro5

We cannot wait until tomorrow to reduce our blows to the environment. Their effects are worsening by the day and have been doing so for too long. This is the crucial challenge addressed in the 5th issue of Cogito, devoted to the research and initiatives of a group of Sciences Po researchers thinking together about this question. This issue also presents research on economic and political democracy, public action, international trade, the political dimensions of the law, and the devastation in Yemen. You will also meet two recent PhD graduates awarded for their theses. Finally, you will learn how an innovative research project is formed.

Focus: Thinking together the environment

In Folio: Recent publications

Kick-off: new contracts

Rising stars: young researchers



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Cogito n°5