Writing and Rhetoric Centre


The workshops offered by Sciences Po’s Writing and Rhetoric Centre help students develop and enrich their written and oral expression in order to improve their skills in public speaking. 

With the aim of offering students better support in Sciences Po’s academic exercises – such as the Grand Oral -, preparing them for the workplace and introducing them to freestyle and creative writing, Sciences Po’s Writing and Rhetoric Centre focuses on three key areas: 

  • Argumentation, with the aim of providing students with the methodological tools they need to master speech-making in an academic and professional context. 
  • Public speaking, with the aim of teaching students to develop the quality of their relationship with their audience, to listen and convince, to master basic tools to manage their stress when speaking in public, to develop their vocal charisma and body language, and to improve their oral style.
  • Creative writing, with the aim of creating a space for freedom and imagination in which students can play with language and share, if they so wish, their creations with their peers and with well-known writers and publishers. 

The workshops employ active teaching methods to put students at the heart of Sciences Po’s learning approach and ensure they play an instrumental role, both in their own public speaking and in their studies at Sciences Po.


Autumn semester (fr.)

Academic Requirements

These cross-disciplinary, optional workshops are open to students who wish to progress in a specific area of expression – written and/or oral.
A workshop of 18 hrs to 24 hrs is worth 2 optional ECTS credits.

Contact us

For more information, please contact cer@sciencespo.fr

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