Support: Resources and Services here for you

Support: Resources and Services here for you

If you are alone during this confinement period, let us know

Support: Resources and Services here for you ©tanyabosyk / ShutterstockIf you are spending this confinement period alone, you can notify the Student Life Services services by filling in this form. Please do not hesitate to do so: we are here to help!

Continued Support from the Sciences Po Health Centre

The Sciences Po Health Centres of each campus remain available and equipped to help you if you need.

Particular attention is being given to psychological support: the measures of confinement adopted by the government to restrict the spread of the virus can disrupt our routine, force changes upon our daily lives and create stressful situations.

Students requiring medicinal treatment will be able to receive their medication in pharmacies, even if the prescription has expired. The validity of prescriptions has been extended until the end of May.

Adapted support for students with disabilities

Our team is here to help you establish arrangements in regards to the changes in teaching formats, to support communication between you and your professors, and to take into account any other needs that you may have at this time.

You may be eligible for support in living conditions

Student support services are available online: contact us using this form.

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