Campus Life Online

Campus Life Online

Advice and resources to support each other and keep learning under these circumstances.
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All the possibilities that Sciences Po has to offer, be it student activities, culture, sport or student services, are available to you even from a distance.

Get acquainted and build relationships, exchange with other like-minded students, campaign for a cause and share in key moments, become a volunteer… there are a thousand and one good reasons to join in the activities of your digital campus.

Administrative procedures, accommodation, scholarships, health, financial aid, social assistance and support for students with disabilities, our One Stop Shop is available to help you in your daily lives.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find yourselves isolated: we offer you advice and resources to support each other and continue your studies in the current situation.

The following information aims to provide you with advice for making it calmly through this period with the support of the teams at Sciences Po. You will also find below some guidelines for continuing to spend time together and stay in touch (online!), to relax, to keep learning, or to help others - depending on your wishes and your availability… Your peace of mind should be the priority!

Whether it be on campus or online, we wish you an academic year filled with interesting encounters and exchanges, and the pleasure of working together.

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