Student Life During Confinement

Student Life During Confinement

Advice and resources on how to stay calm, cope, look after yourself, and keep learning under these circumstances.
  • Experience your confinement in a serene and peaceful way ©Marish / ShutterstockExperience your confinement in a serene and peaceful way ©Marish / Shutterstock

With the COVID-19 pandemic and measures of confinement in effect in France and many other countries, we are navigating an unprecedented period, one for which we have had little time to prepare ourselves. While circumstances may seem different for every one of us, and although some may appear to have less difficulty adapting than others, it is important to remember that the situation is and remains disorienting for us all.

The following information aims to provide you with advice for making it calmly through the confinement period with the support of the teams at Sciences Po. You will also find below some guidelines for continuing to spend time together and stay in touch (online!), to relax, to keep learning, or to help others - depending on your wishes and your availability… Your peace of mind should be the priority!

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