A "Welcome Pack" for the newcomer students

A "Welcome Pack" for the newcomer students

Discover the digital welcome session for the Spring semester
  • Welcome Pack ©Cienpies DesignWelcome Pack ©Cienpies Design

The start of the Spring semester of the 2020/2021 academic year allows all of our students to embark on a new semester or year at Sciences Po in a safe and serene manner. With both physical campuses and an all-new digital campus available to them, courses have been redesigned to best suit all students.

To meet health requirements and maintain equality between students regardless of their country of origin, Sciences Po has set up a new academic offer.

In order to provide students with all the useful information for the success of their semester or year, here is the "Welcome Pack" which gathers all the necessary items for a good understanding of Sciences Po and a personalized support by the dedicated teams.

This page offers the possibility to discover the welcome speech of the international direction, to watch the presentations of the programmes and the teams, to prepare the academic semester, to register on social networks and applications, to get involved with the student associations, and to appreciate French culture.

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