Student welfare and support

Sciences Po's Student Welfare and Support Office offers:

  • information on the social coverage system and the healthcare system;
  • help with applying for housing benefit with the French governmental agency CAF;
  • one-off emergency financial assistance under certain conditions;
  • information and help for finding a student job;
  • information on all of your administrative formalities (opening a bank account for example, public transport, etc.).

The Student Welfare and Support Office works closely with:

Due to the current health crisis, students can request for their bursary application to be reconsidered and recalculated so that income for 2020 is taken into account instead of income from 2018.

The team at Sciences po will work with you to consider your specific circumstances, discuss appropriate solutions, inform you and guide you towards the available sources of support. It works in close collaboration with other Sciences Po offices and departments and can refer you to specialised services (medical, legal and academic) that can provide complementary support.

Crous specific financial aids

The Crous can grant specific financial aids intended for scholarship and non-scholarship students facing financial difficulties.

You may be able to benefit from a one-off financial aid during the academic year and in some cases, several one-off financial aids may be exceptionnaly granted during the same academic year.

Find out more about the specific financial aid provided by the Crous (fr.).

National telephone number for emergency aid and support

In order to better inform students about specific financial aids and the different adminnistrative formalities, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI) and the National Center for University and School Works (CNOUS) have created a unique telephone number: 0 806 000 278, open Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00, price of an un-taxed local call.

An advisor will be on hand to offer advice regarding the different help and support you can benefit from and explain how you can request it from your local Crous.

Crous university restaurant meals for 1 euro

The Crous offers a social meal at 3.30 euros in its restaurants and cafeterias, thanks to the significant contribution of the state. As of the 1st September 2020, bursary students can now benefit from the meal at 1 euro. Students must activate their Izly account to benefit from this offer. During lockdown, Crous university catering will continue in the form of take-out.

More information about Crous university restaurant meals for 1 euro (FR).

Fruit and Vegetable baskets by Sciences Potirons

Sciences Potirons operates as an association for the preservation of local farming (AMAP) whose objective is to put consumers directly in touch with local farmers.

By subscribing to a 6-week distribution cycle, students enrolled at Sciences Po (on the Paris campus) can benefit from a whole basket or half a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables. Prices are either 5 euros or 10 euros per week.

Find out more:

External financial aid schemes

Several schemes are available for students encountering social and financial difficulties. All of these measures aim to improve the living and studying conditions of students, despite the current health crisis.

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