Prevention of sexual harassment

At Sciences Po, we are committed to taking all possible measures to prevent and tackle sexual harassment and sexual violence. We strive to promote a safe environment, a culture of respect and a university community that does not tolerate sexual harassment or misconduct of any sort.

Often associated with the corporate world, sexist behaviour, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct also arise in education institutions. Such behaviour can lead to situations such as a relationship of dependency between a faculty member and a student, or the personalisation of the teaching relationship; it can also impact negatively on many aspects of student life (living with other students in a flat or student residence, evenings out, orientation week, sports or cultural trips, etc).

Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct can have short-, medium- and long-term consequences on the health, social relations, education, and careers of those affected by it.

Distinguishing between seduction and harassment, understanding consent and respect for others, and being empowered to say no are key to the prevention of situations that cause unhappiness, guilt and humiliation, and over which you feel you have no control.

Since 2015, Sciences Po has developed a series of measures to raise awareness of sexism, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, provide training, and support any member of our community who has experienced these situations.

A sexual harassment monitoring unit is available to listen to your disclosure, offer support and refer you to specialist help as appropriate. Its mission is to:

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