Other healthcare coverage and insurance options

Your healthcare coverage abroad

It is compulsory to have a health insurance policy which covers you during your travel and stay abroad.

Some universities have their own insurance policies which students are required to take out. In other cases you will have the choice between the university's insurance and private insurance. Students are often advised to take the insurance offered by the university. However, make sure it covers you in places other than your host country if you plan to travel during this period.

If you are European, or covered by a European healthcare system, and leave France to complete a university exchange or internship in another European country (EU, EEA or Switzerland), you should take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you.

As a student going abroad, it is possible to extend your French insurance so that it covers you in your host country, as long as you are covered by French Social Security. This means you need to complete your administrative registration at Sciences Po and register for French Social Security. More information about healthcare coverage.

Here are a few useful links (this list is not exhaustive):

Civil Liability and assistance Insurances

Liability coverage and repatriation assistance insurance are offered by Sciences Po each year to all students to cover activities carried out as part of your studies at Sciences Po or during internships or stays in France or abroad.

You can access your certificates and detailed information on these insurances from your student area, section “administrative certificates”.

Please note: This insurance is not and does not replace healthcare coverage.

Home Insurance

Multi-risk home insurance is mandatory for housing leases in France. It insures your accommodation against rental risks, fire, water damage, natural disasters, theft. Your landlord will ask to see an insurance certificate before signing your lease and handing over the keys to your accommodation. Failure to present an insurance certificate may result in an immediate termination of the lease.

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