Data Protection

Data processing at Sciences Po falls within a French and European legal framework for data protection (RGPD, General Data Protection Regulation). Its objective is to strengthen the rights of individuals and to empower the controller and processor making personal data processing.


The full program and access links to the conference (under authentification) - open in a new windowThe Sciences Po Data Protection Officer (DPO), Marion Lehmans, leads training and awareness raising actions about data protection and privacy good practices. She also organises conferences to discuss and debates on current data protection issues and issues of data governance, digital privacy and the Internet today and tomorrow.

The goal is that everyone, as a citizen, develops her or his own critical opinion on these moving and complex subjects, and helps to build the Internet of tomorrow.

Sciences Po students, discover the program and register (under authentification).

Exchange on the internal whaller social network

The Mamadata5 discussion area of ​​Sciences Po's internal social network (upon authentication) - open in a new window

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) of Sciences Po proposes to discuss the subjects of data governance, digital privacy and the Internet of today and tomorrow and to share interesting content (readings / articles / videos) on the Mamadata5 discussion area of ​​Sciences Po's internal social network (upon authentication).

Anyone, students, researchers or academic and administrative staff of Sciences Po can join it.

Take advice from the Sciences Po Data protection officer

Students can be advised individually by the Sciences Po DPO about their personal data management issues and respect of private life. Identify the time slot proposed by your DPO and make an appointment : show the agenda > look for the next available time slot  > choose the time slot you want > send the time slot booking.

understand key concepts

Data processing at Sciences Po has to comply with the French and European legal framework for data protection (especially the General Data Protection Regulation, named “GDPR”). It aims to strengthen people's rights and empower data actors.

You are involved because of two reasons:

  • Your data is processed by Sciences Po and its partners who run or contribute to your studies and student life,
  • You want to collect, access, share the data of other people.

Find out more:

Consult the data protection policy and the technical and organisational measures implemented by Sciences Po.

Protect Your Personal Data

Comply with legal preliminary obligations

Go Further: Train

Have a look over the program of the training and awareness sessions led by your DPO and register yourself (under authentification).

Follow the Mooc de la CNIL "Atelier RGPD" (FR) and the Mooc of ANSSI (FR) and enhance your knowledge in your CV through the attestation of follow-up obtained.

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