Wellbeing activities

Just as for sports and cultural activities, you are welcome to sign up for one or more Wellbeing classes each semester. These workshops are organised by the Campus Life & Student Engagement department along with the Sports Association (FR).

Focused on breathing exercises, boosting concentration or to promote relaxation, these activities can be a valuable resource in the pursuit of calm, to restore self-assurance, manage stress or soothe the minor ailments of our daily lives. 

Wellbeing activities

Wellbeing activities, Spring semester 2021-2022.

Course registration

Registration and payment of the participation fee take place online according to the procedure communicated in the Newsletter sent at the beginning of each semester.

Course regulations

Enrolment in these classes will give you a maximum of 2 ECTS credits, regardless of the number of courses you choose to do (sports, culture or wellbeing). These courses are marked as pass or fail on the basis of attendance: in other words, to validate your course and obtain your 2 credits, you are required to attend a minimum of 10 out of the 12 sessions in a semester. Applicable regulations are stipulated in article 5 of the Academic Rules and Regulations (PDF, 140 Ko).

Any absence due to exams or IELTS language tests can be excused, upon presentation of an explanatory Email from your academic office, addressed to the Campus Life & Student Engagement department.

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