Team projects

Why a team project?

The team project is an introductory project management module open to first-year Master’s students at Sciences Po.

It is practice-based and optional: students choose their project and commit to carrying it out for and with a partner.

The team project transforms the learning experience by having students work over a long period (about eight months) under conditions that simulate professional practice—a highly effective way to acquire the soft skills employers are looking for.

The teams are composed of three to five students who did not previously know each other, from different Master’s programmes and often from different countries, and who work together for the duration of the assignment. The approach is designed to immerse students in the realities of working life.

A tutor appointed by the partner organisation meets with the students once a month and guides them through the project. He or she provides a methodological framework, expert advice and technical support while leaving the group free to determine their own work methods.

Most students are highly satisfied with their project. It gives them hands-on experience in a professional environment and enhances both their CV and their network.

Partners appreciate our students’ academic competence and their ability to quickly take ownership of what are often complex topics. They appreciate the students’ multidisciplinary, international backgrounds and the outside perspective they bring to the partner’s activities.

Please consult the list of our ongoing team-projects.

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Practical details

The project is annual: it starts in September / October and ends in April / May.

The coordinator will remind you of the project framework at the kickoff meeting, but you will also find all the information you need in our “Team Projects Guide” (PDF in French, 300 Ko).

You will meet your partner very soon after the team is formed. It’s preferable to get an early start because time is limited. You will need to meet with your team once a week.

The keys to a successful project are organisation, time management, teamwork and a good relationship with the partner.

There are many tools at your disposal (detailed in the guide) and the team project advisors are available throughout the year to help you and answer your questions.

The project must be validated by the partner and the team projects coordinator for successful completion of the module and award of the six ECTS credits.

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