Exceptional Arrangements

Recent changes in income

Sciences Po calculates fees based on all the resources perceived by the household from 2 years before. However, a number of events can occur during these two years and have an impact on the household's family income. Certain circumstances are taken into account by Sciences Po and allow for a revision of the amount of tuition fees. These circumstances are: retirement, unemployment, illness, divorce, and death of a parent.

In these cases, students must provide documents indicating the household's overall resources from 2 years previous, as would any other student. In addition, students must provide documents enabling Sciences Po to consider the new situation and current parental incomes.

Documents to be provided according to circumstances

According to the circumstances, the required documents are as follows:

Documents to be provided according to circumstances
Reason for a decrease in income Documents to be supplied (for information purposes only)
Retirement Documents indicating the amount of the primary pension and any additional pension plan; a payslip in case of part-time employment.
Unemployment A document indicating the amount of unemployment benefits: notification letter + last three payslips.
Illness A document indicating the amount of benefits (public or private) and any daily allowances
Divorce Divorce certificate specifying which parent has primary custody of the children and indicating maintenance payments (in the absence of an official ruling, the tax statements of both parents must be provided). In the case of shared custody: divorce certificate + the tax statements of both parents.
Death Death certificate + surviving dependant's pension (if already determined).

The Registrar's Office is in charge of reviewing all changes in economic circumstances, which must be indicated at the time of your online registration (step 3 payment).

Other cases

The Registrar's Office will also review the following cases:

Other cases
Situation Procedure
Siblings enrolled at Sciences Po for the current academic year Registration receipt accompanied by a letter indicating the name and year of the sibling studying at Sciences Po. The reduction will be applied to the second child registered at Sciences Po.
Marginal rate effect, €200 maximum Validation of the online administrative registration

Please note

Students whose parents’ tax residence is outside the European Economic Area may also benefit from a recalculation of the amount of their tuition if they are concerned by one of the 5 types of events listed above. An official translation of the supporting documents will have to be provided (you must refer your case to the Committee for social affairs).

In all cases, if you wish to report a change in income or refer your case to the Committee for Social Affairs, you must do so at the moment of your online registration, by checking the box "dispensation" (step 3)

All requests for revision of fees must be made before the end of the academic year. It is not possible to request a recalculation of the tuition fees once an academic year is completed.

Committee for Social Affairs

Any specific or special case (excluding situations listed above) submitted by a student in view of obtaining a tuition fee adjustment will be treated by the Committee for Social Affairs. The Committee is composed of elected members such as: the student vice-president of the governing body of the Institut d'études politiques de Paris (or representative), the student president of the Institute's Board of Directors (or representative), an employee representative elected to the Student Life and Education Committee and a faculty staff representative elected to the Institute's Board of Directors or to the Student Life and Education Committee. A representative of the president of the Institut d'études politiques de Paris is also a member of the Committee.

Students are free to refer cases as early as June in order to alert the Commission as to their particular circumstances. To do so, students will need to provide all necessary documents for the examination of their case.

Deadline to refer your case to the Committee for Social Affairs: January 31st, 2022 for the 2021/2022 academic year

The Committee meets four times a year.

In 2019/2020, 51% of students who referred their case to the Committee obtained a reduction in tuition fees. The average amount of the tuition fees reduction may vary from year to year. In 2019, in the context of the operative scales, the average amount was 40%.

Examples of circumstances studied by the Commitee for social affairs

For students whose parents' tax residence is located within the European Economic Area and who are eligible for sliding scale tuition fees.

Examples of circumstances studied by the Committee for Social Affairs
Reason for request Supporting documents
Reduction in income for the year following the reference year - taken into account if independent of the activity of the concerned party (i.e. for commercial income, a less prosperous year, etc.)

Letter providing a detailed explanation for the reduction in income.

Income tax returns for the following years: 2020 for 2019 income and 2021 for 2020 income

Loss of income for reference year N-2, which was not taken into consideration for the calculation of tuition fees

Letter providing a detailed explanation of the reason for the loss of income.

Copies of tax returns for the following years: 2019 for 2018 income, 2020 for 2019 income and 2021 for 2020 income.
In cases where the reduction in income concerns rental income, include copies of rental income statements for the above years.
An average of the three years will be taken

Additional documents may be requested.

Students from outside the European Economic Area (including Boutmy scholarship holders) are able to obtain a reduction in tuition fees (one or two tranches, maximum) only in the event of one of the following five changes in circumstances, occurring no more than one year prior to their admission to Sciences Po: unemployment, divorce, illness, death, retirement.

How to refer your case to the Committee for social affairs

  1. Initiate registration online (Sciences Po Online Platform, Administrative Services heading) and create your registration file. During step 3 of the online registration process, go to the dispensation heading and check the box entitled "Committee for Social Affairs".
  2. Complete your application file by uploading all required documentation for your registration and a letter of explanation requesting review by the Committee for Social Affairs (Step 5 of the online registration).
  3. Once your request has been reviewed, you will be asked to append all supporting documentation to your registration file.
  4. Your file will be evaluated by the Expertise Committee. After the completion of this evaluation, the Expertise Committee will submit a detailed report of their findings, with their recommendations, to the Committee for Social Affairs.

Contact: commission.suivisocial@sciencespo.fr

Application for financial independence from their families

Independent student status is distinct from independence for purposes of taxation. A separate income tax declaration is not sufficient for a student's tuition fees to be calculated based solely on student income rather than parental income.

The applicable criteria for recognition of financial independence are those established in Annex 3 of the circular NOR:ESRS2013435C dated June 8, 2020 (FR) of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, subject to the application of the criteria of tax residence and not nationality, and the provision by students of the documents necessary for the study of the application.

For reasons of social equity and according to Sciences Po’s students’ socio-professional categories, Financial Independence status can also be granted to students employed as civil servants or in employment. These students will need to provide Sciences Po with evidence of income equal to or greater than 90% of the French minimum wage for the current academic year, along with the relevant supporting documents that will be requested during the online administrative registration.

If any one of the conditions is not met, tuition fees will be calculated based on common rules of tuition fees' calculation regardless of the student's age.

How to request independent student status:

  1. Complete your online registration (Sciences Po Online Platform, Administrative Services heading).
  2. During the online registration process, at step 2 enter the amount of your resources. At step 3 “payment”go to the Dispensation field and check the box corresponding to your situation.
  3. At step 5, fill in and upload the independent student request form and all supporting documents

Good to know

Once your request has been reviewed and depending on your situation, you may be requested to submit more documents.

Please note:

  • the request must be submitted by October 31, 2021.
  • For students registering for Spring semester only, your application must be sent before January, 31st, 2022.

Contact: independance.financiere@sciencespo.fr

Doctoral Students

Tuition fee waiver request

Students enrolled on a PhD programme with the Doctoral School may be eligible to request a tuition fee waiver. All requests will be examined by Sciences Po’s Student services office and the Doctoral School. A committee will examine all requests individually. 

Students must complete an online form with all requested documents by 30th Septembre 2021 at the latest. A committee will meet mid-October.

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