In the event you decide to leave Sciences Po, it is absolutely essential that you tick the appropriate box on your Student Account between Thursday 14th March and Sunday 17th March 2019.

Your choice of Master's and languages for the academic year 2018-2019 will be confirmed on your online student account by mid-June. Your definitive acceptance in the Master Programme will be confirmed only when the juries of the end of year will be kept. You will be informed via newsletter.

No. As each application procedure is different, you have to write a specific cover letter for each choice if required. These letters have to be sent to the respective admission departments of each schools.

For further information: choice of master for third-year students.

Your administrative registration for the current year must be finalized before you can choose your Master. For further information about administrative procedures, please contact the administrative registration office by email. Be sure to carefully fill out the contact information form so that they can identify your situation and provide you with an appropriate response.

You can check your choices have been saved through your schedule on the specific semester 2018/2019 via your online Student Account. No receipt will be send, so make sure that you have followed the required procedure.

For more information: choice of master for third-year students

It depends on the type of Master you are applying for. If you apply for a non-selective programme (besides dual degrees, master joint and masters offered at the School of Journalism), you have to provide only one choice.

However, if you apply for a programme as subject to an admission committee, you must indicate a second choice that is not.

Be careful, there is an exception: if you are applying to the dual degree with the Ecole du Louvre, you must tick the box “gap year”.

For more information: choice of master for third-year students.

You are required to choose your Master’s programme and foreign languages from your Student Account following the following path: Academic services > Online course registration > Inscriptions spécifiques 18/19 > Choix de Master

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