Students registered at Sciences Po in the preparatory course who will take the competitive exams for the National Administration School (ENA) can apply for a bursary.

Sciences Po awards scholarships to a select number of outstanding students that come in the form of tuition waivers, ranging from 10 to 50% of total fees. Students must contact the programme directly.

Students without a CROUS bursary whose household income per share is less than €12,583 and whose tuition fees will therefore amount to €0 for the 2019-2020 academic year will receive a financial aid of €370 (roughly 50% of the additional Sciences Po cost of living bursary for the CROUS level 0Bis).

The Sciences Po / King’s College London Dual Master's Degree in International Affairs scholarship is based on two main criteria; academic excellence and financial need. It is designed to attract the brightest and most deserving students to this Dual Master’s Degree.

The Sciences Po / London School of Economics (LSE) Dual Master's Degree Scholarships are:

  • The Assia de Juniac Excellency Award worth (£16,500)
  • The Roger Seydoux Merit Award (worth £9,000) 

They are designed to attract the brightest and most deserving students to the Dual Master’s Degrees between Sciences Po and LSE.

The Foundation of France has created a scholarships guidebook designed to help students find a scholarship according to their profile and academic project.

This guide lists all scolarships, loans and prizes awarded by the Foundation of France and its 120 other foundations and covers mobility grants and academic scolarships.

FoConsult Fondation de France scholarships guidebook (fr.)

For all students who wish to pursue their studies at Sciences Po, Campus France offers a very complete directory of more than 250 grants.

Consult Campus France Grant Search Engine.

In an effort to provide the best funding possible for its PhD students Sciences Po's Graduate school has created PhD scholarships available foll all Sciences Po's PhD programmes.

Find out more about fundings from Sciences Po's Doctoral School.

The French government, through the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs supports student mobility by offering scholarships to students with an excellent academic background (bourses Excellence-Major).

These scholarships allow the best non-French students from French high schools abroad to follow a higher education degree in France. The scholarship is awarded for a maximum duration of 5 years and up to Master 2 level or equivalent.

The Aulagnon-Bettan prize is awarded by MAB Finances and rewards undergraduate first year students at Sciences Po for their commitment to promoting and improving society through education.

Three prizes of €7,000 and €5,000 and €3,000 are awarded to the winners.

Selection criteria

Your actions to help promote and improve society through education.

The selection criteria take into account:

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