Study in Latin America

As a student at Sciences Po, you can spend time abroad at three different moments:

  • Students are required to spend their third year of the Bachelor’s programme abroad, either studying at a partner university, on an internship or undertaking a personal project.
  • One semester of the Master’s programme is spent outside Sciences Po, and studying abroad is one of the possibilities.
  • During your doctorate, you may choose to participate in a PhD exchange programme.

What do you need to do to study abroad?



Language requirements

In order to apply for a study abroad programme in Latin America, you must hold, when you apply in December, a B2 level (level 3 at Sciences Po) in Spanish for Spanish speaking countries, and a B2 level in Portuguese for Brazil.  

Prepare for your departure

Once your choice of exchange has been approved by Sciences Po, you need to start preparations for your period away. Certain procedures can take a long time, so you should get organised well before you leave. Kindly refer to this page to review important things to prepare for your departure (visa, health insurance, etc). 

Your main contact: the Centre for the Americas

The Centre for the Americas at Sciences Po is there to help you with all your preparations for studying abroad as well as during your stay.

Centre for the Americas contacts.

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