10 years, 100 startups

10 years, 100 startups

Over 100 startups incubated, 1,000 businesses created, annual sales turnovers of tens of millions of euros, and resales worth hundreds of millions...These are the outstanding results of the Sciences Po Incubator on its 10th birthday, celebrated this year. 

It was a pioneering scheme whose structure was one of the very first to be created at a university in the field of social sciences and humanities. We take a look back at the incubator over its 10 years with Maxime Marzin, Head of the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Sciences Po, who helped to set it up. More


Discovering "Deep Tech"

Every year, the Sciences Po Centre for Entrepreneurship funds a Learning Expedition. This immersive trip allows students to discover the very best of technological innovation and entrepreneurship - a truly educational visit! This year the 2018-2019 Learning Expedition took place in Boston, where all 12 students delved into “Deep Tech” with M.I.T. researchers, Harvard students, investors, and more. Anthony and Aminata were on this trip; they told us all about the experience.