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Undergraduate College

The Sciences Po Undergraduate College strives to educate enlightened, inventive citizens who will contribute to the common good in a global world.

A multidisciplinary education in the humanities and social sciences

State-controlled degree conferring a licence

Accessible after passing the Baccalaureate (or its equivalent abroad), the Sciences Po Undergraduate College offers a Bachelor’s degree (Bac+3) that takes place over three years, on one of the institution’s seven campuses

Founded in the study of humanities and social sciences, the education spans across six main disciplines - law, economics, humanities, history, political science and sociology - supplemented by artistic and scientific disciplines.

Two years in France and one year abroad

  • The first year is devoted to study of the core disciplinary courses.
  • In the second year, students choose one of three multidisciplinary majors: “Economy and Society”, “Political Humanities” or “Politics and Government”.
  • The third year gives students the opportunity to deepen their studies during an international placement at one of Sciences Po's 470 partner universities.

In addition to teaching, field experience is encouraged within the framework of the Civic Learning Programme, study trips, internships, simulations, association and union activities.

The Undergraduate College's programmes

A core curriculum complemented by a geographical minor

The Undergraduate College is comprised of seven campuses, where all students study the same core courses in the humanities and social sciences. In addition, each campus offers a specific geographical minor: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East-Mediterranean, and North America.

The Civic Learning Programme: Exercising citizenship

The Civic Learning Programme allows students to establish links between the citizenship issues their course addresses through active involvement in them. This involvement can take the form of activities carried out at Sciences Po or externally, in the public, private and non-profit sectors in France and abroad.

Dual degrees with leading universities around the world

Sciences Po offers dual Bachelor’s degrees with nine of the world’s leading universities, allowing students to study as fully-integrated members of two distinct academic cultures. Students are recruited from all over the world and benefit from a unique international experience combining the strengths and academic specialties of both institutions.

Six double degrees designed in collaboration with French universities are also offered, in order to provide a unique course at the crossroads of social sciences, sciences and humanities.

A perennial dialogue with the sciences

In addition to the humanities and social sciences, science courses are integrated into the curriculum. In the first year, students take statistics applied to the social sciences, and in the second year follow fundamental courses focusing on digital issues and sociology.

For students who wish to deepen their knowledge in these disciplines, the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, offers programmes that combine the study of liberal arts and hard sciences.

A degree that creates opportunities

Following their three years of study, students earn their Bachelor of Arts degree. They can then choose to begin their professional lives or to continue their studies at the master's level at Sciences Po or in any other university in France or abroad.

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Key Figures

  • 6,700

    Undergraduate Students

  • 7

    Campuses in France

  • 1

    Bachelor of Arts

  • 3

    multidisciplinary majors

  • 1

    Year Abroad

  • 50%

    international students

  • 35%

    students receiving financial aid

  • 480

    University partnerships

  • 15

    Dual Degrees

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